CEO of Getha Bedding Melissa Tan on the company’s latest flagship store in Penang

All Getha stores are designed as Sleep Therapy Centres to help customers find a good night's rest.

CEO of Getha Bedding Melissa Tan on opening the company's store in Jalan Masjid Negeri, Penang (All photos: Getha Bedding)

Apart from sharing the details of the new flagship store, which includes features that help customers find their ideal mattress and pillows, Tan also talks about juggling between work and her personal life, including adjusting to life as a new mother.

Options: Congratulations on the recent opening of your latest flagship store in Penang. 
Melissa Tan: Getha does well in the Klang Valley and we would love to build the same presence and levels of customer engagement up north as we have here, hence the decision to open a flagship.

The new store is in Jalan Masjid Negeri. Tell us more about it. 
The store has actually been around for more than 10 years, but we decided to tear down the entire old structure and rebuild it according to our Sleep Therapy Centre concept. All Getha stores, as a matter of fact, are designed as Sleep Therapy Centres where customers can find their ideal mattress, pillows and all types of sleep accessories. Each Getha Sleep Therapy Centre is designed with the five senses in mind and carry products that will help our customers sleep better through touch (mattress, pillows), taste (chamomile tea, accompanying water flask to keep you hydrated), scent (aromatherapy oils, room spray), sight (eye mask) and sound (ear plugs). 

Where do you see as the strongest areas for growth in the near future?
Consumers in Selangor, Penang, Johor and Sabah have high purchasing power and people in these regions are very much inclined to better their lifestyles — which is perfect as that is exactly our target market.


The flagship store now follows the company's Sleep Therapy Centre concept

Tell us a little about your own living space.
We recently moved into a new house and our living space was designed with simplicity and comfort in mind.

How do you like to fall asleep though?
I love sleeping on my own pillow and mattress. So when I travel, I bring along my personal travel pillow, which is slightly smaller for convenience and yet gives me the feeling of home. Once a person tries a latex pillow or mattress, he or she will surely feel the big difference in the levels of comfort during sleep. My own nightly routine includes skincare (a must) and occasionally body care, when I make it a point to remember to use lotion to keep my skin hydrated. It is also a big treat if and when I decide to meditate before sleeping. 

Why do you think that most Malaysians don’t mind splurging on big-ticket items and yet stinge when it comes to bedding products, despite the huge amount of hours spent sleeping in one’s lifetime?
There are many Malaysians who think that way, and yet we also have many Getha customers who prioritise their sleep and are willing to invest in a better night’s rest. For those who have not invested in a good mattress or other sleep products, we see this as an opportunity to share the benefits of Getha’s products and how we can help them sleep better. 

With such a great start to Getha’s year, how is the rest of 2021 looking for the company?
Our company is looking forward to the year. We accept that Covid-19 will continue to be with us longer than anyone would wish. Hence, we see the opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of sleep and rest. After all, good sleep builds stronger immunity! 

Getha’s 2021 campaign is called ‘Time to Wake Up’. It is time for all of us to realise the important things in life: Are we sleeping enough and well? Are we sleeping correctly? Are we living a healthy life? Are we exercising enough? Sleep is such an important player in life’s equation and we cannot ignore it as we did before.


Getha’s 2021 campaign is called ‘Time to Wake Up’

What apps have helped you the most in this new normal?
Definitely Google Meet and Zoom. At Getha, we use these tools to communicate with all of our team members so as to reduce unnecessary physical interaction. These also enable us to be close to team members in faraway locations. 

What have you been reading or listening to to stay inspired?
Since my baby was born, I have not read anything but parenting books!

How has the pandemic changed the way you live and work?
Tremendously. Work has been transformed to a more virtual platform, reducing face-to-face meetings. I used to travel abroad extensively, which is not possible now. This has allowed me to focus more on the local market. 

How do you like to unwind?
By doing a quick 10-minute facial mask; better skin makes me happy! I also like to cook and experiment with new dishes. Lately, I have been exploring the benefits of sauna. It really makes you feel great after.

And lastly, where would you like to travel to once borders reopen?
There are too many to decide! Before the lockdown began, I travelled to South Korea, China, Singapore, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany — all for work. Getha exports to many overseas markets and we always take an active role, paying a visit to our businesses abroad whenever possible.   


This article first appeared on Jan 18, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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