ClassPass Malaysia: 5 things you need to know

Work(out) hard, work smart.

ClassPass has secured partnerships with at least 136 studios in the city (Photo: ClassPass Malaysia)

Stuck in a rut where you’re just hitting the treadmills aimlessly? We’ve all been there. To break the perfunctory fitness mould, New York’s ClassPass, the leading membership service that grants you access to the largest fitness network in the world, recently launched in Malaysia, offering the health-conscious a more well-rounded experience. Like a Netflix subscription that allows you to easily flit between shows (except that it subtracts not add calories to your body when you’re munching away in front of the TV), the joy is in the diversity. Here’s what you should know:

ClassPass is offering KLites a free one-month trial (that’s 150 credits!)
The fitness service has secured partnerships with at least 136 studios in the city including FLYPROJECT, FIRE Fitness, The Flow Studio, and more. Do aerial yoga one week; switch to Pilates next; challenge yourself to a high-intensity circuit training – or not. The vast selection of workouts immediately banishes gym boredom.

A variety of classes to keep boredom at bay (Photo: ClassPass Malaysia)

Its monthly subscription starts from RM99
While there isn’t an option to pay for classes individually, you’ll have to purchase them with credits under a subscription package. Choose either the RM99/month package (with 35 credits), which allows you to book up to eight classes, or the RM249/month (120 credits) package for up to 37 classes. Credits for each class vary, and they can cost you as little as two or as many as 13.

Book, review and create your ideal schedule
Classes are available everyday, and if you need suggestions, just browse through the recommended classes on the website. Thousands of reviews are also available online, helping you sift through the deluge of choices so you can find a studio that suits you. Best of all, download the ClassPass app to check out your friends’ schedule to plan classes together.

Most classes are taught by some of most sought-after instructors in town (Photo: ClassPass Malaysia)

Frequent travellers? Take your fitness goals overseas
The credits system also opens to ClassPass partner studios and classes around the world, offering you more flexibility and freedom.

Cancellation is free
Just put in your request at least three days before your next billing cycle. Unlike other commercial gyms, ClassPass doesn’t impose an additional registration fee when you rejoin in the future.


Start your ClassPass here.


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