Coronavirus: These Malaysian supermarkets introduced ‘elderly hour’ to protect older and vulnerable shoppers

This is to ensure those in need can shop for their daily needs in a safe and worry-free environment.

Jaya Grocer introduces seniors-only shopping period as Covid-19 precaution (Photo: Jaya Grocer)

The country woke up to more panic buying across the city, after the government implemented the Movement Control Order from Wednesday (March 18) until March 31 to address the Covid-19 outbreak. Hundreds of shoppers lined up outside supermarkets and grocery stores before they opened, eager for a chance to buy essentials that have flown off shelves. 

Malaysians have been stocking up goods for days in preparation for long periods of isolation, especially after seeing a spike in confirmed coronavirus cases that now stand at 574 at the time of writing. 

While the prime minister urged Malaysians not to go into panic buying, reiterating that the relevant ministries have been moved to ensure adequate food supply, shoppers are still thronging to grocery stores and supermarkets, resulting in empty shelves and long queues.

As supermarkets frantically work to restock shelves, some stores are taking steps to protect the elderly and vulnerable, who may be at the greatest risk from the novel coronavirus. Here are some shops with early opening hours that give priority to those more in need:





On the other hand, Giant supermarket has introduced special lanes for the vulnerable including elderly, pregnant ladies, mothers with infants and the disabled:



Our customer's safety is our priority! #GiantMY

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While it is appropriate to buy food for a week or so, hoarding food has consequences on not only the grocery workers who have to replenish goods relentlessly but also the vulnerable who might miss out on essentials such as fresh food, hand sanitisers, toilet paper and face masks. Just be considerate in the way you shop. 


Stay tuned for more updates on this list.


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