Cover story: David Holder, president of Ladurée

Sugar-coated pastel perfection reigns in the world of David Holder, the enigmatic president of celebrated Parisian macaron brand Ladurée.

David Holder, president of Ladurée (Photography by Michele Yong)

It is a beautifully sunny day in Paris’ legendary Rive Gauche and I am making my way to Ladurée’s headquarters. No introduction is needed for the legendary French purveyor of luxury pastries and sweets but rather, due credit must be given to Ladurée for singlehandedly putting macarons on the international A-list of sweet treats while simultaneously throwing down the gauntlet to the croissant as France’s foremost edible icon.

Ladurée, with its signature pistachio-green packaging, now enjoys a veritable global presence — from London to Sydney and recently, Malaysia, where it opened its first café in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur late last year. And although knockoff macarons are a dime a dozen these days and as ubiquitous as a cookie or cupcake, few names can hold a candle to Ladurée in terms of taste, range of flavours, presentation and brand perception.



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