Edunity Foundation seeks solutions to Malaysia’s education challenges on BFM Radio webinars

Now more than ever, we need to accelerate reform for a major overhaul.

Edunity Foundation, G25 Malaysia and BFM are organising a series of webinars to explore the issues of Malaysian education critically and constructively (Photo: BFM/Edunity Foundation)

More than a few decades of sweeping educational reforms have done little to improve Malaysia’s social mobility, let alone to train a new generation that is equipped with the right skills to build a productive economy. While education reforms have enriched many, it’s time to start reform where it is needed: the underprivileged and school-going children in rural areas.

Our education system is already beset by multiple challenges, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. On average, 80% of classroom time has been lost globally and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) warns that disruption in schooling will lead to severe learning and economic losses. This will be felt even more deeply by communities that are already disadvantaged. The OECD report states: “Permanent learning losses are not inevitable if countries improve the learning gains of their students in the future.”


Edunity Foundation has been raising awareness about educational reforms via talks and campaigns (Photo: Edunity Foundation)

With that in mind, Edunity Foundation — founded on the ethos of promoting good governance and national unity through quality education — has worked closely with civil society organisation G25 Malaysia and Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) to launch a series of webinars on BFM89.9 to explore the issues of education reforms.

Titled ‘Malaysia’s Education Challenge: Seeking Solutions’, the series, which runs from August 26 to October 14, will feature speakers from a broad range of education stakeholders, including NGOs, activists, corporate leaders, educationists, parents and student voice groups. 



The first webinar saw Chan Soon Seng (CEO of Teach for Malaysia), Datin Noor Azimah (Chairman of PAGE & Former MPPK member) and Nina Adlan Disney (Executive Director, LeapEd) discussing the solutions to our existing education system; while the second webinar — attended by Chen Li-Kai (Trustee of Teach for Malaysia & Senior Partner of McKinsey & Co) and Dato’ Sri Idris Jala (President & Chairman of PEMANDU Associates) — reflected on the efficacy of the Malaysia Education Blueprint and how it compares with educational reforms of other countries. 

Don't miss its next webinar on September 23, where Dato’ Satinah Syed Saleh (Former Member of The National Education Advisory Council) and Shahnaz Al-Sadat (Chairperson, LeapEd Services) tackle the relevance of the MEB, which has undergone 11 transformational shifts spanning three waves over 13 years.

The aim of Edunity Foundation is to rally the system with a sense of urgency to address our weaknesses and leverage on our strengths. Look out for its upcoming webinars on BFM here.


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