Lumi Beauty founder Chryseis Tan celebrates her skincare brand’s third anniversary

She also talks about juggling career and motherhood, and what her year-end travel plans are looking like right now.

Tan: 'I think it’s important for women to learn to have work-life balance." (Photo: Lumi Beauty)

Options: Congratulations on three years (and counting) of success for Lumi. What have been some of the best memories for you since establishing the brand?
Chryseis Tan: It would have to be debuting our Vitamin Glow Super Serum that has sold out several times since and is now a staple in our Lumi community. We are also the first Malaysian skincare brand to use vending machines as a point of sale. There’s plenty of other great memories, from launching on the Shopee platforms in Malaysia and Singapore in 2021 and 2022 respectively and meeting Lumi’s loyal customers at events, to the time we completed our very first skincare range, which included cactus cleansers, toning mists and mineral sunscreen. It’s also incredibly exciting to see the brand growing and engaging with its customers.

Tell us what your fans and clients can expect from the two-week celebratory pop-up called Lumi Land at Bangsar Village II, Kuala Lumpur.
What I’m most excited about is for our fans to discover the new launch of the Super Serum Trio. Building on our bestselling Vitamin Glow Super Serum, we made sure the new additions would complement each other well, and what’s better than hydration and skin-calming elixirs in a bottle? The Hyaluronic Boost Super Serum and Cica Calming Super Serum will be able to further elevate our fans’ skincare experience through layering or even with a targeted approach. We’re also sprucing it up with more-than-aesthetic and functional merchandise such as our Self-Care flasks and cups along with our Puffy Pouch Set and a really exciting 2024 planner crafted in collaboration with Mossery Malaysia! To top it all off, we’re also taking our passion for skincare on the road where we will unveil our Kombi-van-turned-beauty-bar at Lumi Land!

What do you find most challenging as well as rewarding about your role as Lumi’s founder?
Starting up a skincare brand can be a rewarding venture but it definitely comes with its own set of challenges. From the extensive research and development that my team and I undergo to finding the right ingredients and formulations (which are no easy feat; for example, our Vitamin Glow Mineral Sunscreen took almost two years to perfect), skincare is also a personal and subjective experience. Meeting diverse consumer expectations and addressing various skin concerns can be demanding. We are not simply keeping up with trends; the key is to continue solving the pain points of our community. It is especially rewarding when customers tell us they love what we do and our products! That really drives me and makes me so passionate about what I’m doing!


Lumi Beauty donates part of the proceeds from sales of the Rose Brightening Moisture Mask to the Green Ribbon Group (Photo: Lumi Beauty)

Tell us also about your decision to donate part of the proceeds from sales of your Rose Brightening Moisture Mask to the Green Ribbon Group. Why is mental health awareness important for you?
Mental health issues have been rampant in our society lately and I feel it’s important to raise awareness and encourage those facing these issues to seek help without fear of judgement or shame. Early intervention and treatment along with awareness will often address the situation before it gets detrimental. And donating part of the proceeds will definitely help this cause.

What is your own skincare regime like?
I am obsessed with skin health and have been interested in skincare since I was 19. I start by double cleansing, followed by toner, serums, moisturiser and sunscreen! I have a day and night routine that I follow diligently. Monthly facials are important too for deep cleansing.

You are famously multifaceted, juggling roles as wife, mother and entrepreneur. What advice would you give to young women who want it all?
I think it’s important for women to learn to have work-life balance and it’s vital to have a great support system too. Manage time wisely and delegate when you need to. No one is perfect and we can’t do everything by ourselves. Keep persisting and don’t be afraid of failing because we are learning something new every day along the way.



What are you reading right now?
I honestly have no time to read much. Probably just the newspapers to keep track of what’s going on in the world.

What’s on repeat on your playlist now?
Spotify’s 90s love songs! It calms me down whenever I feel stressed or exhausted. I have also just come back from seeing Adele in concert and she was just amazing. I also love Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Calvin Harris and the entirety of Tomorrowland’s playlist but I honestly haven’t been to music festivals in a very long time.

What was your original childhood ambition?
When I was really young, I wanted to be a stay-at-home mum. I guess that’s not what I am now.

What’s your year-end travel list looking like?
We will be spending Christmas in Europe, most likely in London, Paris, Copenhagen and Vienna. Next year should be interesting travel-wise as well but we have nothing planned out yet.

You are one of the most seasoned travellers around. What’s always in your in-flight cabin bag?
A set of clothes, my Lumi essentials — especially the masks and mist — and my iPad to work on the go.

Describe your idea of a perfect weekend.
Enjoying quiet, quality family time with my husband and two children.  

Lumi Land takes place until Nov 5 at the concourse area of Bangsar Village II, KL.

This article first appeared on Oct 23, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.


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