Projek57 spreads spirit of patriotism through Unity Ribbon

The Unity Ribbons are handmade by orang asli youth, university students and volunteers.

Unity Ribbons (Photo: Projek57)

Social enterprise Projek57 urges everyone to join its Movement of Hope, by donning the Unity Ribbon, leading up to Merdeka and Malaysia Day this year. Inspired by the elements of the Jalur Gemilang, it also features a symbol of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman. The ribbons are handmade by orang asli youth, university students and volunteers as part of Projek57’s mission to empower young people, including those from underserved communities, through projects that build up people and unity. Fifty sen from the sale of each ribbon will be used for orang asli education and empowerment.



According to Projek57 co-founder Syed Sadiq Albar, the Unity Ribbon campaign is a way to bring people together. “This is what building a nation is about,” he says, referring to people from all walks of life coming together to make the ribbons. “Getting people together to do something meaningful — not only for an individual but for the nation.”

Aiming to promote peace and national unity, the co-founders urge Unity Ribbon wearers to initiate a conversation with other wearers they may come across and share the experience by uploading a photo of them on social media, tagging #bersatuteguh. Click here to purchase your unity ribbon, priced at RM2.50 each or RM125 for a box of 50.



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