APOM! launches punny Raya collection to liven up celebrations

The Rayattitude collection features T-shirts, totes, coasters and stickers.

The collection combines local delights and catchphrases that speak to Malaysians everywhere (Photo: APOM!)

What makes a festive occasion special can be as simple as a dollop of humour and a dash of attitude, mixed with Malaysian food that evokes fond memories, whether you are celebrating Raya alone or with loved ones.

Rayattitude can make a Covid-curtailed celebration memorable, even if you cannot balik kampung to join kith and kin. The Raya collection of T-shirts, totes, coasters and stickers designed by APOM! combines local delights and catchphrases that speak to Malaysians everywhere.

Pull on a tee that declares, You drive me Kuih-sy, to welcome a special guest or visit old pals. It is bound to make them smile as they tuck into kuih talam, batang buruk, rempeyek, sarang semut or kuih bahulu.



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Slip Laksa La Vista Baby and Whatever Gorengs Your Pisang coasters under cold drinks and new friends around your table will warm up. Hand green packets, books and toys in a tote that says, I’m Not Rich I Ada Kaya, to young nieces or nephews and watch their faces light up.

Laughter has a way of making things better. Add Rayattitude funk to your celebration and make it positively fun.


This article first appeared on May 10, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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