Chanel unveils new high jewellery collection with a sporty allure

The second smallest nation in the world hosts big rock stars.

Graphic Line necklace in white gold, platinum, diamonds, sapphire, rubies and onyx (All photos: Chanel High Jewellery)

Monaco is known for many things. The second smallest nation in the world after Vatican City, the little Principality (it spans just 200 has) is nonetheless big on luxury style. Chock-a-block with gilded real estate, swanky hotels, Michelin-starred establishments and anything that resembles a playground to the world’s rich and famous, Monaco was also the choice when Chanel was considering a destination to launch its latest high jewellery collection.

“There are some places that beyond their simple geographical location have a spirit that awakens affinities, nurtures dreams and thus over time, shapes the landscapes of Chanel. The Principality is one of these,” says Frédéric Grangié, president horlogerie-joaillerie for Chanel.

Christened with the simple, succinct name of Sport, the high jewellery collection unveiled on June 17 comprises 80 jaw dropping pieces, including 19 necklaces, four brooches, seven bracelets, 33 rings, 16 pairs of earrings and one jewellery watch. 


Sporty 5 ring in white gold, yellow gold, diamonds and emerald.

Designed by Patrice Lagueareau, director of Chanel’s fine jewellery studio, the Sport de Chanel high jewellery collection is divided into six main categories: Quilted Icons, Print, Sport, Graphic Line, Sweater Sport and Gold Slider Sport.

Expect, of course, an unexpected approach to high jewellery. There is, for example, a stunning bejewelled lion brooch set within a coat of arms and a modular ring set with a massive 17.18 carat sapphire that allows you to wear it two-ways. Lacquer also features strongly in most of the creations, giving contrast and an insouciant edge, making the grand art of wearing the world’s most beautiful jewels part of daily life a delicious possibility. The collection’s sporty edge naturally means each piece can be dressed up or down, worn to the most important gala occasions or as you please, the latter of which Mademoiselle Chanel would certainly have approved.

The high jewellery collection might have been named Sport. But there is no competition. It is already a winner. 


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