Haudre's permanent accessories are welded together for daily wear

Its bracelets and anklets are suitable to be worn on the skin for a long period.

Clients can pick their desired type of chain and charm (All photos: Haudre)

Kenny Cheong Kit Soon was running a candle business and would often participate in weekend pop-up markets across the Klang Valley. What he noticed was visitors tended to stop by jewellery and accessory booths. “The handmade products are something people want and expect to buy from this kind of market,” he says.

He thought about starting a new venture and knew it had to be accessories. He engaged Audrey Choo Yoon Ling, who was interested in entrepreneurship, to join him on the journey. They began researching unique products they could bring to market and chanced upon permanent bracelets that were popular in the US, Australia, Singapore and Dubai.

For the uninitiated, it is not as daunting as it sounds. A permanent bracelet is secured using a welding machine instead of a clasp. “It is supposed to be for everyday wear. Sometimes, you just want something on your wrist that you don’t have to take off at the end of the day,” says Choo.


Choo and Cheong

Haudre — named after Audrey — was launched last March and does not limit itself to bracelets. The brand also offers necklaces and anklets. As these pieces are worn on skin for a long period, the duo opted for quality materials that are kind to sensitive skin but still affordable. Some of the metals used include titanium, stainless steel and sterling silver.

This chain comes plain because the accessory “is supposed to be simple”, they say. While some prefer the minimalist feature, others favour a bit of decoration on it. Upon demand, the duo bring in charms to diversify their offerings.

At the booth, clients can pick their desired type of chain and charm. “We will explain the pricing and measure the length for them. Then, we will weld the jump ring to the chain on the spot. The whole process is very fast. What takes time is measuring the chain because we want to make sure customers are comfortable with the length,” says Choo.


Can you remove the accessory? “Of course. It is also simple and fuss-free. You just need to cut off the jump ring with a sharp object.” Keep the chain. If you feel like wearing it again in the future, Haudre offers a free welding service for this option.

“The jewellery business is lucrative, so it is a really competitive market,” Cheong adds. The brand is powering through by upping its marketing strategy on social media. Customers can expect a wider range of chains and charms eventually.


This article first appeared on July 31, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.

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