Louis Vuitton unveils its latest high jewellery marvel: Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds

This stunning 220-piece collection dazzles with the Coeur de Paris at its heart.

The Perception necklace (All photos: Louis Vuitton)

In a year when French savoir-faire takes the global centre stage, Louis Vuitton releases its Awakened Hands, Awakened Minds high jewellery collection, transporting one to the 19th century when innovation and craftsmanship became the pride and passion of France. Encompassing a wide range of pieces in various themes, the finery also recalls the luxury label’s own journey through time.

Standout offerings in the first chapter, Awakened Hands, include the lace-like Splendeur necklace which pays homage to a suite of 110 rubies, with the high-collar piece set with 52 crimson gems. Brocade, jacquard and tassels from the textile industry are celebrated in the 12.92-carat Zambian emerald-embellished Séduction.

Additionally, Phenomenal is a bi-tone platinum and yellow gold piece — a signature look by the house’s artistic director for watches and jewellery, Francesca Amfitheatrof. Rounding off this section is Elegance, a diamond-only item sprinkled with LV Monogram Star cut jewels.

Moving on, the Awakened Minds collection embodies the rapid development of the 1850s, first channelled in the repetitive geometric pattern of the stacked Perception V-shaped necklace with two velvety azure Ceylon and Madagascar sapphires. Frequence, a four-tiered diamond creation, interprets the maison’s kite motif in a series of concentric patterns. A trio of Kashmir sapphires stun on the Gravité, while a 27.20-carat star gem is set on the grand neckpiece’s minimalist choker-style sibling.

A nod to the entrancing aura of Paris is Optimisme, set with baguette-cut diamonds to play with the concept of reflection. The design of the Vision necklace sees platinum, gold and yellow diamonds come together to echo the metal rivets of the house’s iconic travelling trunks. Victoire, the penultimate suite, takes notes from the Eiffel Tower in its intricate arches and bedazzled appearance. The 15.16-carat diamond centrestone can be detached and worn as a ring.

The Cœur de Paris necklace closes out the collection. A grid of baguette settings and diamond-lite arrows are flanked by rose gold rods. These sparkling details all lead to the massive 56.23-carat pink diamond centrestone, the line’s foremost cynosure. Similar to the Victoire, this gem can be worn separately as a brooch.

For more information, visit ap.louisvuitton.com.

This article first appeared on June 17, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.


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