Malaysian fine jewellery brand Selberan celebrates life coming full circle with 'Eva' collection

The elegant and versatile pieces can be stacked or worn singly according to your preference.

The understated Eva collection offers women versatile options (All photos: Selberan)

The circle of life embraces past and present as it loops through milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and graduations, and looks to the future. The infinite circle also represents wholeness, femininity and unity, concepts connected with Eva — Latin for Eve — a name that signifies living.

These multiple meanings are melded into Selberan’s latest collection, Eva, which celebrates life coming full circle. And as befits the colour and variety of our everyday lives, it offers the millennials it targets style possibilities.

Selberan general manager Amanda Kuan says Eva has one of the simplest designs from the Malaysian brand, established in 1973 by Royal Selangor with two European master jewellers. “It’s for a slightly younger crowd that doesn’t like just one way of doing things. The pieces can be customised and bespoke options include variations in gold and gemstones.”


Selberan general manager Amanda Kuan

Kuan explains that the circle of life story is both an inspiration and the right fit for Eva because its pieces are all circular. The collection is ideal for gifting, especially to celebrate major life events.

Available in 18-carat yellow and white gold, Eva’s rings, earrings and pendants can be worn separately, or stacked to suit the occasion, your outfit, mood or preference.

For example, a lustrous pearl at the heart of a circular pendant can be stacked with another studded with diamonds, taking the look from day to night. Each pendant has different openings to thread its chain through, which can be worn long or short, like a choker.

Rubies add a red sparkle to yellow-gold rings — the alternative is blue sapphire on white-gold rings — set with a single lustrous pearl or encircled with diamonds. Customise the gemstones, stack the rings and create the look that goes with your style.


Stack the rings or ask for your birthstone and make your own style statement

Eva earrings offer the same versatile options. Pearl studs catch the eye, worn alone or paired with earring jackets ringed with dainty diamonds. Substitute your birthstone for the pearls and you have your own fashion statement.

Selberan specialises in the design and manufacture of gold and platinum jewellery with diamonds, emerald, rubies and sapphires. Pearls and semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, topaz, amethyst and peridot are part of the range.

Its experienced craftsmen who learnt their skills from the founders produce diverse collections, custom-made pieces and one-off commissions, from rings and necklaces to kerongsang, bracelets, tiaras, cufflinks and the traditional butang baju Melayu.

“Fine jewellery is something you would wear for a long time and keep. It is also something you would pass on to the next generation,” Kuan says. Eva’s price point is another attraction, she adds. Its smallest piece starts from RM1,680 and customers can get a set comprising a ring, a pair of earrings and a pendant with necklace for under RM10,000.


This article first appeared on Oct 12, 2020 in The Edge Malaysia.


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