Men's Fashion Gallery Suria KLCC: First of its kind in Malaysia

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The sleek interior of Bally store at the Men's Fashion Gallery in Suria KLCC.

When it comes to fashion and grooming, the modern man is all for self-expression. He has a sense of style that is unique to him and is particular about self-care, requirements that have in recent times led to a boom in the menswear and grooming sector. Besides giving rise to a thriving industry, this also means more options are now available for the fashion-savvy man.

Suria KLCC recently introduced its Men’s Gallery — the first of its kind in shopping malls in Malaysia — that serves as a one-stop centre for fashion, men’s accessories, apparel, grooming and specialty goods like luggages. Covering about 36,877sq ft of the mall’s first floor, the gallery makes for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, meeting all aspects of a man’s daily life, be it for the office, a casual setting or outdoor activities. The gallery, with an illy Caffé attached, offers a range of unique brands such as Alfred Dunhill, Hugo Boss, Dior Homme, Boggi Milano, Brooks Brothers, Coach Men, Bally, Fendi, Michael Kors, Trufitt, Rimowa, Senheisser and Mont Blanc.

Alfred Dunhill
Classics with contemporary flair

In the words of creative director Mark Weston, “The idea of the dunhill man is multiple, not singular. And in turn, so is the idea of Britishness — something crucial to dunhill and the way we approach style here … There is not a single way of being British, there are many; there is classicism and tradition as well as an idea of the contemporary and shifting. In many ways, the campaign is about literally showing these different perspectives at once.” The brand's collection maintains its timelessness in design and workmanship but at the same time seamlessly merging its formal wear with contemporary elements, like pairing a serious suit with sneakers.


Hugo Boss
Luxury athleisure

Inspired by bustling New York, Hugo Boss offers a unique take on the highly versatile athleisure influence. The brand’s tailoring and craftsmanship get a sportswear twist as seen with drawstring waists and ribbed cuffs added to neatly tailored pants. The colour palette features shades of grey, blue and brown but highlighted bold yellow for that athletic edge. Hugo Boss proves that even sportswear can use a touch of luxe and this is done through elaborate embroidery details. The brand’s initials as well as logo patches, featuring pitchers and batters, for instance, are cut with precision from rich wool and cashmere before they are stitched onto baseball jackets and sweaters. Meanwhile, oversized capes that double as cover-ups are hand-embroidered with baseball graphics.



The Bally man is born

The style of the Bally man — described as one who is eager for discovery — is retro sportswear but this depends on where his next adventure will take him. Techno fabric puffers, coats in check and tweed, shearling bombers, bonded nappa leather jackets and corduroy, cotton straight cut and mixed cotton jacquard tracksuit bottoms, to name but a few. For the avid traveller, there is the multi-pocketed and versatile Crew backpack while the classic Sommet makes a sporty comeback in canvas matching the new duffle with leather detailing and an archive Bally logo. The shoe collection is diverse — think derby with exaggerated soles, leather moccasins and crepe sole suede loafers and boots — to suit every style and need.


A tale of dark romance

An aura of spectral charm envelopes Coach’s previous fall collection with themes of goth and supernatural toughness making for a twisted, dark romance. Nature is transposed to urban elements, intertwining the toughness of the Big Apple and the mystery of the American Southwest. The pieces consist of jagged edges, mystical symbols, whip stitching, thorny roses, found objects and feathers. Alluding to its quality craftsmanship and confident New York style, bandana prints and devoré, alongside hoodies, drip with leather craft. Plush shearling layers meet embroidered details and the brand’s unmistakable Coach pattern. The collection also introduces the Dreamer Tote, an oversized carry-all featuring the original artwork of Chelsea Champlain. The artist’s mystical motif illustrations appear in tattoo-like form, injecting a punk vibe.


Michael Kors
Uniquely you

Michael Kors’ collection is a celebration of wardrobe staples and iconic style pieces, presenting its classic American style with a youthful twist. In their last collection for example, the iconic autumn colour of burgundy is the colour of the season, lending a rich dimension to everything from smart separates to sleek accessories. A cool grained leather moto jacket as well as the Henry tote, duffel and pouch come in this red wine hue. Camouflage, stripes, floral, tie dye and leopard prints are seen throughout the collection, which is punctuated with an occasional bold piece such as the faux fur-trimmed volcanic print parka in a bright sapphire blue. However, plain or less bold options are available too, if you so prefer. Pullovers are all the rage in this collection, presented in various prints. The Kors varsity pullover is one of them, a preppy interpretation of the logomania trend.


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