A River of Diamonds: SUEN presents the Diamond Riviera, a classic revived

The Riviera’s radiance parallels the renowned glamour of its namesake.
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The Riviera is now seen as an ‘everyday luxury’. 
Background pic: A piece from the SUEN archives, this breathtaking Riviera necklace is set with alternating round brilliant diamonds and scintillating The Love Diamonds weighing over 42 carats and 2 carats respectively.

Timeless as the French Riviera

A versatile classic, the Riviera is a dazzler of pristine brilliance, yet its simplicity belies the precision required to perfectly craft one. Its moniker itself draws influence from the glorious charm of the French Riviera, the Mediterranean coastline that enraptured many an aristocrat decades ago.

Like a sparkling river of diamonds, the Riviera’s radiance parallels the renowned glamour of its namesake. Both evoke recollections of effortless sophistication and indulgence. At every turn, the Riviera glitters in perfect symphony, radiating timeless class and quiet luxury.

To don a riviera is to recognise one’s own power, presence, and polish. Once reserved for the haute monde, the Riviera is now seen as an ‘everyday luxury’, whose beauty and fluid sparkle speak of easy elegance and moments spent in refined leisure.


Masterfully crafted to fit like a second skin


A vision of immaculate symmetry, bursting with sparkle and delight, this graduating diamond Riviera necklace from the SUEN archives weighs over 45 carats with a 1 carat round brilliant center diamond.

Defined by a single row of precious gems of the same type, the classic diamond Riviera is a perfectly orchestrated display of brilliance. The well-crafted Riviera is one that hugs the neck beautifully, displaying all diamonds in matching sparkle and polished brilliance.

How skillfully the linkages are aligned is foundational to its form. Fitting like a second skin on its wearer, a superbly-crafted Riviera ensures its diamonds are constantly upright, maximising their natural sparkle.

Supremely detailed and exacting, each diamond must be meticulously hand-selected to ensure matching size and beauty. The precision required of the gem-selection process is essential – only an experienced eye could possibly produce the flawless, desired result.


An everyday luxury you deserve


A Riviera necklace set in a triangular formation with 240 pieces of scintillating round brilliant diamonds.

Passionately crafted by SUEN, the Riviera diamond necklace is a radiant expression of elegance that dazzles all who come close. The brand’s collection ranges from round brilliants as small as 0.02 carat, to be worn casually or stacked, to longer or larger pieces crafted to suit different outfit styles. Clients are also welcome to explore their own custom-made creations with different diamond shapes and sizes.

Discover a collection of diamond Riviera necklaces at the SUEN boutique, located at No. 119, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, or WhatsApp or call 012-2399029 to make an appointment today.


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