WrapIt Nails offers a quicker and more affordable alternative to visiting a nail salon for perfectly manicured nails

Founder Juin Low's designs range from pastel flowers to elegant geometric patterns.

WrapIt Nails sells longlasting designer nail wraps that can be applied easily and quickly (Photo: WrapIt Nails)

The pandemic has certainly raised our awareness of all the little things we take for granted, from last-minute shopping trips and impromptu lunches to worry-free hair appointments and skin treatments. Even our regular manicures have not been spared — nail salons have had to close during lockdowns as they are not considered essential services. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the patience or talent to painstakingly clean our cuticles and perfectly apply nail polish. These are time-consuming activities that require more concentration than we have to spare.

For Juin Low, getting her nails done had been part of her pre-pandemic beauty ritual, though it was a little hard on her wallet. “I realised that it was costing me too much, especially to customise my own designs. So, I decided to look into other options,” she says.

After extensive research, Low realised that she could have the designs printed on stickers and then apply them on her nails herself, easily and without fuss. “I started creating these nail designs just for myself and I would design things that I liked. Then, I thought that maybe other people may also want to have a faster way of doing their nails,” she recalls. And so, at the beginning of 2020, WrapIt Nails was born, selling designer nail wraps that last long and can be applied easily and quickly.


Low also sells nail stickers for children, and plans to add toenail stickers to her range of offerings in the future (Photo: Sam Fong/The Edge)

Low works as an architect, and has always been attracted to design. Inspired by the art she likes, as well as feedback from friends and customers, her designs range from pastel flowers to more elegant geometric patterns. WrapIt Nails now has something for everyone.

When you think about nail stickers, kiddy prints and flimsy applications may come to mind. This is not the case at WrapIt Nails, which not only features a range of classy designs but also focuses on quality. Concerned about nail health, Low has tested out different manufacturers and printers. She has also realised that giving one’s nails time to breathe is vital. “I used to have gel manicures, but my nails started to get very thin. When I was testing out the different stickers, I had to use so many different types that my nails started to become a bit damaged. So, I thought I had better warn others that they shouldn’t wear these for too long,” she says. WrapIt Nails recommends wearing the stickers for not more than 10 to 12 days straight.

One of Low’s initial worries when she launched her products was that people would not use them at all, but the Movement Control Order turned out to be a blessing in disguise for her business as many people could not go for their regular manicures during that period. While it slowed her production process, the movement restrictions gave her time to focus on creating more designs and look into her Instagram marketing.


Each WrapIt Nails pack comes with 16 nail wraps suitable for all nail sizes, a mini nail file and a cuticle pusher stick (Photo: WrapIt Nails)

Low puts the word out on her brand by joining online bazaars — and in-person ones whenever possible. She orders 100 pieces per design and then more if there is demand, or phases out designs that are unpopular or those she feels should be retired. She has special edition nail stickers for specific occasions such as Mother’s Day or Christmas. WrapIt Nails has also done a range of collaborations, pairing nail stickers with floral arrangements or creating patterns that fit with a clothing brand’s new releases. The brands she has worked with include ice cream specialist Piccoli Lotti, florist Happy Bunch, fashion business Room8008 and natural lip care brand Lips Carpenter. “I’m quite flexible because it’s just me doing this on my own. So, whenever [collaborators] ask for something specific, I’m quite willing to go with whatever design route they want,” she says.

Other than on its website, WrapIt Nails’ products are available at stockists such as TriBeCa in Bangsar Village, Mano Plus in GMBB in KL and Penang, Salt x Paper in Sabah and The Shoppes at Four Seasons Place in Kuala Lumpur.

Each WrapIt Nails, or WIN, pack comes with 16 nail wraps suitable for all nail sizes, a mini nail file and a cuticle pusher stick. By following the simple instructions on its website, you can have your nails done in 10 minutes. Being pro recycling, she encourages customers to return their WIN packs — for every six packs returned, they can redeem a free pack.



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With the help of a friend, Low has managed to expand her business to the Philippines. As she also has contacts in Australia, she intends to expand her business there as well.

WrapIt Nails also sells nail stickers for children, and Low plans to add toenail stickers to her range of offerings in the future. As many of her pieces are named after song titles, such as Lady Marmalade and 24K Magic, she hopes to one day collaborate with musicians and other artistes.


This article first appeared on Apr 5, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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