5 world icons star in Rimowa’s 120th anniversary campaign

Famous personalities including tennis player Roger Federer and celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa share their take on the concept of travel.

Roger Federer hits the road with a Rimowa in tow (Photo: Rimowa) 

What distinguishes the traveller from the tourist?

The new cinematic ad campaign from the LVMH-owned luggage brand shows that travelling is a personal journey that amounts to so much more than a trip from point A to point B.

To help the brand illustrate its vision further, five world icons — Off-White & Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh, tennis legend Roger Federer, AMBUSH co-founder and Dior Men’s jewellery designer Yoon Ahn, model Adwoa Aboah and renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa — partnered with a director to share their idea of travelling, which more often than not include a Rimowa bag at arm’s length.



The narratives range from Aboah’s struggle with depression (combated through regular travelling) to Federer jetting from his home in Switzerland to play at tournaments across the globe. Because these five personalities are so well-travelled, it’s not unusual to find them totting suitcases — particularly by the oldest luggage and trunk makers like Rimowa — as they journey around the world.

Rimowa chief brand officer Hector Muelas, however, insists that this is not an endorsement campaign. “These are people who have been mobile for many years. Because travel is probably 50% of their lives, they have a very personal connection to their suitcases.” The purpose of the campaign is to increase brand awareness that already has an established presence in Europe, Asia and particularly in the US.

Model Adwoa Aboah on the go (Photo: Rimowa)

Out of the five clips, we found celebrity chef Nobu’s story most riveting. Directed by Jared Knect and shot in Hakone, Japan, a small town outside of Tokyo, the film reflects Nobu’s life journey as told through a Japanese folktale. Scenes of him with his grandchild — as he instilled within her the notion to look beyond one's provincial boundaries and savour what the world has the offer — lend the storyline a poignant, emotional weight.

Created in partnership between Anomaly in Berlin and Rimowa’s internal creative team, the five films have been combined into an anthem film, all echoing the campaign’s notion that you cannot build a legacy by standing still.

Check out Nobu's video below:



To find out more about the campaign and the brand, click here.


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