Celebrate special occasions on a sunset cruise with Nobu KL and Platinum Charters

All it takes is a quick drive down to Port Dickson for the fine-dining yacht experience.

Dietary restrictions should be communicated upon reservation, which must be made at least two weeks in advance (All photos: Low Yen Yeing/ The Edge Malaysia)

Food has and always will be the nucleus of any social get-together and celebration, from birthdays to anniversaries. Luckily for Kuala Lumpur-based foodies with a taste for the finer things in life, delicious high-end choices are aplenty.

If there is an upcoming milestone on your calendar with company you simply must impress, why not go all out and hold the festivities on an opulent sunset cruise? Well, with Nobu KL and Platinum Charters’ new collaboration, you can do just that.

All it takes is a quick drive down to the Admiral Marina & Leisure Club, Port Dickson, just 90 minutes from the heart of KL. While Platinum Charters’ yachts are available at multiple locations around Malaysia, PD is a more convenient option for city-dwellers who want a luxurious at-sea getaway.

Upon arriving at the marina, we head down to the docks and are swiftly greeted by the bubbly crew members and presented with welcome drinks before being introduced to the Nobu KL team, including head chef Philip Leong. For this momentous occasion, Hervé Courtot, corporate chef and chef de cuisine of Nobu Dubai, and Toshiyuki Shiramizu, corporate sushi chef of Nobu Malibu, are also in attendance.


The team behind Nobu’s nautical extravaganza

As the party sets off, guests are invited to explore the vessel’s little corners and features. While hot dishes are prepared in the kitchenette below the bridge, the small sun deck above has been transformed into a mini sushi bar where Nobu chefs prepare each delectable bite by hand. Meanwhile, the bow becomes party central, complete with a  saké stand serving up Nobu’s exclusive label of Junmai Daiginjo — a velvety, smooth variant that is fruity and floral — in wooden box-shaped ceremonial cups, aka masu. Those looking for a lower ABV option are treated to ice-cold cans of Sapporo beer.

Before long, hors d’oeuvres are brought out to be enjoyed alongside the bounty of tipples. Sushi and sashimi fans are treated to a spread of key options — apricot-hued salmon in a tangy and salty yuzu sauce are garnished with thin strips of ginger and scallion; pale yellowtail comes topped with sliced jalapeños; nigiri featuring scallops and a range of white fish, as well as tuna belly maki rolls with salty caviar — made to order and eaten with hands. Giant Japanese oysters are shucked fresh and enjoyed with a trio of savoury sauces.

Nobu’s unique Japanese-Peruvian flair is evidenced in the restaurant’s modern fusion snacks, such as the charred padron peppers with a sticky miso and sesame glaze that offers a satisfying crunch. For a more umami-rific option, succulent chicken wings come with fresh-cut lemon for some brightness. Cubes of crispy rice are crowned with small mounds of spicy tuna, mirroring the popular sushi trend that has taken social media by storm. Shrimp and zucchini skewers in a smokey, tangy sauce are loaded with chives for a light yet tasty snack.


Miso black cod garnished with ginger flower

The sun begins its descent, leaving ribbons of pink and orange in its wake. The evening heat dissipates and the ocean breeze further cools the air. Sitting on the sun deck, guests soak in the final traces of sunshine for the day as they gaze at the vibrant horizon. Talk about dinner and a show!

The pièce de résistance of the dining experience comes in the form of the signature miso black cod, a recipe imagined by chef Nobu Matsuhisa himself. The flaky fillet cooked in a sticky, buttery marinade offers the best of flavour combinations — salty, savoury and slightly sweet. This is followed by melt-in-the-mouth truffle teriyaki wagyu, plated alongside more grilled peppers, crunchy daikon radish and tangy pickled grape tomatoes — the perfect protein course for carnivores.

For dessert, for which there is always space, guests choose from a buffet table holding platters of beautifully sliced tropical fruit, served cold on a bed of ice. Those with a sweet tooth partake of freshly prepared confectionery, including Nobu’s mouth-watering strawberry daifuku, a rendition of the popular Japanese street food delight that tourists from all over the world go absolutely mad for.


Saké with 360° views of the ocean? Yes, please!

As darkness sets in, the crew begins the slow return journey to the marina. Cruising through the waters, a sense of calm and peace settles over the yacht as the celebrations wind down. Just before arriving back at the dock, we make a stop by the coastline for a vibrant fireworks display that reflects and sparkles on the water’s surface — the best way to end a night of good food and even better company.

Guests looking to book the Nobu x Platinum Charters yacht experience should note that evenings usually start warm and humid before cooling down post-sunset. Dressing in thin, removable layers is recommended to remain comfortable throughout the cruise. In addition, dietary restrictions should be communicated upon reservation, which must be made at least two weeks in advance, with earlier bookings subject to yacht availability.


For booking and inquiries, contact Nobu KL at (03) 2380 0028/ [email protected], or Platinum Charters at (012) 900 8200/ [email protected].

This article first appeared on May 13, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.


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