Join a history-themed tour of England and France

You’ll discover some of the most important sites and landmarks of the Second World War.

St Paul's Cathedral, London (Photo: Jacada Travel)

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of World War II with Jacada Travel’s new history-themed tour of England and France. Travelling through London, southern England, Normandy and Paris, you will discover some of the most important sites and landmarks of the war, from the famous Churchill War Rooms to the sites of the D-Day landings.

Starting in London (with an evocative private tour dedicated to the Blitz), stops in England will include Duxford’s Imperial War Museum, Chartwell (Winston Churchill’s former home) and the important naval city of Portsmouth, which is home of the command place for the D-Day landings. Then, it’s on to France to spend three nights in the famous town of Normandy. Days will be spent exploring some of the country’s most historic museums and sites like the picture-perfect Mont Saint-Michel, Pointe du Hoc — the site of a famous attack — and several of the beaches where the D-Day landings took place. Lastly, it’s on to Paris, where, together with a private guide, you will embark on a historical journey through the key moments of the German occupation until the city’s liberation in 1944.

Kent Battle of Britain Museum. (Photo: Jacada Travel)

With TV shows like The Darkest Hour, Dunkirk and The Crown dominating our screens — and our conversations — these days, this is a great time to see and experience this fascinating history for yourself under the guidance of true experts. Prices per person start at US$8,700 and includes stays at Gravetye Manor, Amberley Castle and Villa Lara Normandy. 


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