Jumeirah Bali adds acupuncture to wellness programme

Experienced therapist Paula Choi from Australia has been appointed as consultant for the resort's in-house wellness offerings.

A comprehensive programme of land- and water-based activities has been esigned to complement Uluwatu’s newest wellness destination (All photos: Jumeirah Bali)

Jumeirah Bali, a mystical destination combining luxurious spa experiences with authentic healing traditions, has welcomed the addition of an experienced wellness therapist from Australia, Paula Choi. In her role as the resort’s in-house wellness consultant, Choi has curated a comprehensive programme of land- and water-based activities specifically designed to complement Uluwatu’s newest wellness destination.

Private and group yoga, tai chi, aquatic therapy and acupuncture sessions are available, as are complimentary weekly wellness talks and private wellness consultations.


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As part of Jumeirah Bali’s new wellness programme, Choi is offering acupuncture sessions to help guests regain dynamic balance and maintain their health on a day-to-day basis; gentle aquatic bodywork with elements of stretching, joint mobilisation and massage to help with pain and sleep issues; and a 30-minute session combining the benefits of the Oriental techniques of cupping and gua sha for mobilising the blood flow in the musculature and fascia to release tension, pain and stagnation.

Additionally, guests can sign up for Choi’s DIY acupressure workshop to learn a natural and effective way to manage chronic pain, tension and circulation imbalance. They can also attend talks focusing on wellness through the lens of Oriental medicine as well as opt for a private wellness consultation that offers a complimentary lifestyle analysis and personalised advice related to physical and mental health.


Newly appointed therapist Paula Choi administering acupressure

Other private experiences include a range of land classes shaped by hatha yoga and tai chi, while water classes draw on land-based resistance exercises, yoga and tai chi adapted for water.

At Talise Spa, inspired by the ancient Majapahit Empire, guests can experience Bali’s only royal Turkish hammam and local therapies that draw on the mystic powers of the moon. Known as Divine Therapies, these holistic wellness activities are designed to help travellers achieve spiritual growth and bring the relaxation of a great vacation back home with them.

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This article first appeared on Jan 30, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.


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