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Klook invites you to hop on a train and enjoy The Great Europe Adventure.
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It is interesting to note that rail travel has been seeing something of a renaissance, just in time for Klook’s The Great Europe Adventure

There is something about trains that embodies romance in ways no other mode of transport can, be it in real life or on the silver screen — think lovers parting or meeting on a station platform. In contrast, romance is nowhere to be found in the long lines at security checks and hours of waiting at airports. It is interesting to note that rail travel has been seeing something of a renaissance, just in time for Klook’s The Great Europe Adventure.

The world-leading travel activities and services booking platform is seeing strong growth in riding the rails, especially in Europe. A global shift in preference has seen triple-digit growth in train travel to May 2019. To support this growing trend, Klook has added rail tickets from over 31 European countries to its platform, including big-ticket items such as the Eurail Pass. To facilitate your holiday planning, tickets for various shows, activities and tours are available here at attractive prices alongside WiFi and SIM card options — all essentials for a thoroughly enjoyable, worry-free holiday.


The Golden Pass Line in Switzerland

Now, would you rather spend part of your Parisian getaway waiting at an airport or dining at the Eiffel Tower? Choosing the train over flying will save you a good 2½ hours, allowing you to skip the line at the airport and tour the Louvre or explore Montmartre.

Think about it. Taking a flight from London to Paris may seem the obvious choice due to the shorter travel time — an hour less than the train ride between the two cities. However, flying means commuting to and from the airport, which is kilometres outside the city, and arriving a couple of hours before your flight in order to clear immigration and security lines. It is much more appealing to take a train that departs from the city centre, for which you are free to arrive just minutes before departure.

Apart from saving time, there are health and environmental benefits to taking the train, not to mention the appeal of traversing the path less travelled and watching the scenery slide past your window.


The panoramic view outside is just as pleasant as the train ride itself

The Great Europe Adventure offers precisely this. Through its partnership with Rail Europe, Klook offers one of the most extensive ranges of Europe-wide rail travel with insider picks for activities, tours and experiences across the continent, all with a best-price guarantee. Seeing that Klook offers a plethora of choices, there is bound to be something for every traveller.

If you are heading to Switzerland, consider the Glacier Express, arguably the most scenic of Swiss train rides, and the most luxurious. It will take you across 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and to three cities on its journey from Zermatt to St Moritz, passing glaciers, dramatic peaks, villages, fields, rivers and stunning lakes. For the best of what the landscape has to offer, visit in spring for the perfect combination of green valleys and snow-capped mountains. The last leg of the journey takes you through the widely photographed Landwasser Viaduct, which extends in a curve over the Landwasser valley and into a tunnel through a rock wall, an amazing construction between Thusis and St Moritz.

Other options for rail travel in Switzerland include the Golden Pass Line, which boasts breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, and the panoramic Bernina Express journey, taking passengers from Chur to Tirano, Italy, with many spiral loops, 55 tunnels and 196 bridges.


Klook has added rail tickets from over 31 European countries to its platform

If a cross-country journey is what you seek, consider exploring the Benelux, an economic union in Western Europe made up of The Netherlands — where all the electricity used to power trains comes from green, renewable energy — Belgium and Luxembourg. A week-long Benelux trip includes a stop at the medieval Unesco World Heritage city of Bruges as well as Amsterdam, royal capital of the land of windmills and tulip gardens and home to the Rijksmuseum.

Touted as having one of the best and most connected rail systems in the world, Germany is another great destination to explore by train. The German Rail Pass allows unlimited travel throughout the country. While travelling from Berlin to Frankfurt, stop at the relatively undiscovered city of Weimar, where the Bauhaus design movement began, which is close to many beautiful Unesco World Heritage listed sites.


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