Mando-pop icon Jay Chou unveils Tudor Royal watch line in Taipei

The #BornToDare ambassador introduced the collection in time with its global launch.

Musician, actor and director Jay Chou sporting the Tudor Royal 41mm (All photos: Tudor)

Jay Chou’s music has always reaffirmed the value of nostalgia as most of his songs set off a flood of memories pertaining to childhood shenanigans, summer nights and young heartbreaks. His unveiling of the new Tudor Royal line of watches recently seemed like a big hat-tip to the Swiss luxury watchmaker’s respect for history and heritage. That is because the revamped Royal Collection was based on the original model first released back in 1950.

The updated Tudor Royal now is a “sports-chic’ luxury watch that boasts fluidity with an assured style. Fastened with integrated five-link metal bracelet to ensure an uninterrupted line with the case, the watches are characterised by its three wide satin-brushed links set between two slimmer polished elements.


The Tudor Royal 41mm in blue

It’s currently available in four sizes: the 28mm, 34mm as well as 38mm time-and-date versions, as well as the 41mm Day-Date sported by the Mando-pop icon in the Royal Tudor commercial he starred and directed.  

“Just like the commercial, I want to express the idea of the product can be both static and active, to play piano and to fight. The key point of its epitome of balance, elegance and versatility. I think it's the same with matching clothes, nowadays, young people are also very particular about what watch they wear and how it matches with their clothes,” the King of Asia Pop said during a live stream interview from Taipei.



Produced in Switzerland from a block of 316L stainless steel, one of the most robust in existence, the case of the Tudor Royal models is waterproof in any situation and to a depth 100 metres (300ft) below the surface of the ocean thanks to its screw-down winding crown and back.

Aesthetic-wise, there’s plenty of choices when it comes to its refined dials. Tudor Royal makes the sunray motif on the dials on its own. Whether you’re choosing the black, silver, champagne-colour or blue, the motif – which radiates from the centre of the dial – creates the lighting effects and flattering reflections responsible for the elegance of this line. Ladies, on the other hand, will be pleased with the diamond-set mother-of-pearl version.


Available in black, silver, champagne-colour or blue, the sunray motif on the dials of the Royal radiate from the centre

You’d be forgiven to compare Royal Tudor to its sister brand Rolex – the applied Roman numerals do immediately call to mind a design styling evocative of the latter. Plus, the bezel on this series seem to gesture toward Rolex’s famous fluted bezel.

Even though it departs from the brand’s usual in-house approach and utilises Swiss-made ETA calibres instead, the Royal Tudor still stands out on its own as a dressy timepiece with a ’70s sports-vibe.


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