‘Parts Unknown’: A tribute to the late chef Anthony Bourdain

Astro will air final seasons of Bourdain’s famous travel and food show on Discovery Channel.

New episodes of season 11 and 12 of Parts Unknown will air every Tuesday (All photos: Parts Unknown/CNN)

Season 11 and 12 of Bourdain’s most popular show, which will air in Malaysia for the first time, will be a fitting walk down memory lane to commemorate the anniversary of his passing. The revered chef died last year while filming an episode of Parts Unknown in France, according to CNN.

Premiering today at 9pm, fans can catch new episodes every Tuesday on Discovery Channel (CH 551).

Season 11 of Parts Unknown has eight episodes, featuring the food connoisseur’s culinary adventures in West Virginia, Newfoundland, Armenia, Uruguay, Bhutan, Berlin, Hong Kong and Cajun Mardi Gras.

The five available episodes of season 12 features Bourdain in Kenya, Indonesia, Spain, New York and Texas. As he only managed to complete the voiceover for the Kenyan episode, the remaining four episodes will be narrated by voices of people captured during filming.

The Kenyan episode is the last episode narrated by Bourdain

Discovery Channel will also air two tribute episodes alongside the final season, featuring behind-the-scene clips and parting messages from Bourdain himself.

From June 8, all Astro customers can enjoy the Anthony Bourdain: Asia Edition special, which includes episodes from Parts Unknown and No Reservations on demand. Also on the same day, Astro Learning Pack customers can access the complete boxsets of season nine and 10 of Parts Unknown on demand.

Episodes from season 11 and 12 will be available for streaming on demand after they premiered on Discovery Channel (CH 551).

The world was left in shock when the news of Bourdain’s death broke on June 8. Fans and friends showed an outpouring of grief, taking to social media to share their favourite memories with the acclaimed chef and bring to light the importance of mental health.



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