Cultural Index: Best online shows to catch this week

A round-up of films and virtual exhibitions to keep you entertained.

Yasmin Ahmad’s endearing film Sepet is available to stream on YouTube until June 5

These are our top picks for the week of June 1 to 7. For more, pick up a copy of Options at your nearest news stands.


It has been 16 years since the release of Yasmin Ahmad’s endearing film Sepet, but the interracial issues it addresses are still relevant today. The much-lauded film can be streamed online for free on Great Little Stories’ YouTube channel until June 5. Viewers are encouraged to leave questions about the film in the comment section, which will be answered by the cast and production team, including lead actress Sharifah Amani, lead actor Ng Choo Seong, producer Abang Odeng and character namesake and sister to the director, Datin Orked Ahmad. The video replies will be compiled and screened on YouTube as well as onsite at Yasmin at Kong Heng Newseum.

Stream ‘Sepet’ on YouTube until June 5 here.


One Thousand Million Smiles
Catch the online premiere of klpac’s sold-out production One Thousand Million Smiles, a musical tribute to the late Malaysian singer Sudirman Arshad, on YouTube until June 7. Directed by Datuk Faridah Merican, the show features 16 Sudirman songs including the evergreen Balik Kampung and emotional Salam Terakhir, performed by his nephew, Atai alongside Aaron Teoh, Amir Hazril Harith, Dasha Logan, Ian Chow, Joel Wong and Tria Aziz. A full orchestra, conducted by Lee Kok Leong and a five-piece band, led by Loh Ui Li is also part of the production. One Thousand Million Smiles is the second recorded performance from klpac’s archive that has been made available to entertain fans at home.

Stream ‘One Thousand Million Smiles’ on YouTube until June 7, midnight, here.


Nature is Not Saddened
This virtual exhibition by Thai contemporary printmaking artist Kao Chisanuphol displays a series of artworks that question the relationship between humans and Mother Nature. Human beings have always depended on natural resources to survive but when reckless exploitation happens, Mother Nature strikes back with even greater force. The artist employs symbols and allegories that are closely linked to gods, myths, religion and fables to convey his standpoint.

View ‘Nature is Not Saddened’ until June 8 from G13 Gallery’s Project Room here.


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