CNY 2021: 8 premium yee sang to take away for reunion dinner

Toss to a better and prosperous new year!

If you're looking for some plating inspiration, Le Méridien’s Year of the Ox yee sang may spark some ideas (Photo: Le Méridien)

While this Lunar New Year may be a tad quieter compared to previous years, the customary act of coming together at a round table — even if it’s just with your immediate family members — for reunion dinner is a practice that can still be fulfilled. After a tumultuous 2020, usher in the Year of the Ox by treating your family to the finest yee sang available. After all, having loved ones by our side should be reason enough for a celebration. 


Mandarin Oriental
If you insist on putting together the big meal for your household, at least, leave the taxing part of assembling the yee sang to the pros. Skip the laborious mise en place, and opt for a fuss-free lou hei with Lai Po Heen’s signature Wagyu Beef Striploin Marble Eight Yee Sang. The half portion easily serves up to five people while the full portion feeds up to 10. For something more conventional to appease the elders, there’s always the Australian Two Head Abalone or Vegetarian Snow Pear option to choose from.

Wagyu Beef Striploin Marble Eight Yee Sang, RM280 for half portion; RM560 for full. Order here.


St Regis Kuala Lumpur
Sliced fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts make up the foundation of the hotel’s healthy Prosperity Yee Sang, which you can later top up with abalone slices and crispy soft-shell crab; salmon and jellyfish; or the hokkigai saltwater clams with jellyfish. Those looking for a quick escape from the spread of brown and beige on the table will relish the vegetarian yee sang, a refreshing salad that’s enticing enough to persuade the young ones to eat their greens.

Abalone and crispy soft-shell crab, RM238+ for medium portion; RM468+ for large. Available upon reservation until Feb 26. See all prices and order here via or call 012 280 1303.


Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown
Even if you can’t get hold of Malaysia’s popular skewers during Chinese New Year, Executive chef Gerald Chong and his culinary team are bringing the street food to you, though not in the way you know it. Fish satay makes a starring role in Quan’s Kitchen Triple Prosperity Yee Sang, bolstered by a heft of crunch from chicken floss rice crackers and chilli soft shell crab. If your ang pow haul seems a bit thicker this year, treat the family to the luxed-up Opulence Yee Sang topped with Tanjung Malim T’Lur caviar.

Triple Prosperity Yee Sang, RM88 for half portion; RM138 for full. Opulence Yee Sang, RM168 for half portion; RM298 for full portion. Call/ WhatsApp 012-507-3327 or email [email protected]. Free delivery within 10km radius of the hotel.


Hilton Kuala Lumpur
The sinewy and juicy chew of smoked beef may be tempting on a platter of greens, but so is a mound of crab meat that lends freshness and subtle brininess from the sea. Hilton KL’s Chynna will be serving the latter with tossed peach gum that’s rich in collagen, nutrition and amino acids. If you must go down the traditional salmon route, make sure to opt for the version with a special passion fruit sauce.

Tossed Peach Gum with Almond Snow Crab Stick Yee Sang, RM138 for half portion; RM268 for full portion. Order here.


Le Méridien KL
Looking for some plating inspiration? Le Méridien’s Year of the Ox yee sang may spark some ideas. But if it’s too much of a hassle to source the ingredients yourself, the hotel can deliver everything you need to recreate this Instagrammable spread, which will look especially good in your reunion dinner photos. The one featured is the Quintessential Yee Sang with Salmon, but you have the option to switch the topping to jellyfish, tuna, clam abalone or lobster.

Quintessential Yee Sang with Salmon, RM115 for half portion; RM230 nett for full portion. Order from Feb 5-26 here.


W Kuala Lumpur
Chef Weng and his culinary team at Yen Cantonese Restaurant have assembled a few eclectic yee sang selections for those looking for something different to usher in the new year. The star of the show is undoubtedly the premium Abalone Yee Sang, served with caviar, gold flakes and a drizzle of truffle oil. But if that's too far from your comfort zone, the Norwegian Salmon Fish Yee Sang with air dried Szechuan fish chips and crispy fish skin will be right up your alley.

Abalone Yee Sang, Caviar, Gold Flakes and Truffle Oil RM248 for half portion; RM488+ for full portion. Norwegian Salmon Fish Yee Sang, Air Dried Szechuan Fish Chips and Crispy Fish Skin, RM118 for half portion; RM228+ for full portion. Email [email protected] or call 012 347 9088 to order.


Ruyi & Lyn
Another creative take on the Year of the Ox tossing spread is Ruyi & Lyn’s Golden Bull Yee Sang, pre-assembled for your convenience. Fresh fruit and vegetables, marinated octopus, enoki mushrooms and an assortment of nuts are some of the many ingredients surrounding the decorated 'bull'. Topped with Atlantic salmon, the Golden Bull Yee Sang is only one of multiple varieties available to order. Bon viveurs will relish the champagne yee sang sets, which are served with a bottle of Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon to really up the ante. 

Golden Bull Yee Sang, RM 98 for small; RM168 for large. Moët & Chandon Champagne Yee Sang, RM538 for large. Dom Pérignon Champagne Yee Sang, RM1188 for large. Call 03 2083 0288 to place your order.


The Fat Fish
Sashimi has become a near religion for most Japanese food lovers, and a cornerstone of the faith is that the fish is extraordinarily fresh. The Fat Fish is known for its thickly sliced servings so it comes as no surprise that their salmon yee sang has always been popular. Presented in a sizeable rosette, the layers of salmon are surrounded by wholesome vegetables and other seafood such as octopus and jellyfish. While the platter already feels bounteous on its own, customers can still add snow pear and abalone if they so please. 

RM88 for small; RM138 for large. Order here.


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