All you need to know: Samsung Galaxy Note10

For the first time ever, you can choose the Note size that fits you best.

The Samsung Unpacked Galaxy Note10 launch in New York (All event photos: Kong Wai Yeng)

Samsung knows its users well, and that isn’t an understatement. The mobile giant has a good grasp of the Galaxy Note demographic — the typical user is always on the go, and probably loves using a stylus to jot down notes or sketches on a big screen. They also probably have “slash careers” with multiple income streams. Think photographer/writer or filmmaker/designer. 

Each Note release has been met with great enthusiasm and the Unpacked launch we attended earlier at Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York was no exception. New devices these days may not be compelling enough to usher an instant upgrade but Samsung has found a way to expand the Note appeal — by launching the bigger Note10+

Here are some quick facts that will put those rumoured features we’ve been hearing about to bed:

Cinematic “Infinity-O” display
Both Note10 and Note10+ sport an “Infitiny-O” , AMOLED display, with a tiny, front-facing camera lens. The smaller Note10 packs a 6.3in 2280 x 1080 screen — a downgrade from Note 9’s QHD display — while the Note10+ packs a 6.8in 3040 x 1040 screen. A cinematic infinity design means that the device is nearly bezel-less, while the in-display cut out for the front camera is small and centred for a balanced design. The Note10+ features the biggest Note display ever. 

An impressive S Pen: Get to know Samsung’s Air Actions
The bluetooth LE-enabled S Pen (which can be operated from a distance of at least 2 metres, we’ve tried) offers more functionality than before. It still operates as a remote for tasks like triggering the camera shutter to flip between PowerPoint slides but it now has an added gyroscope and accelerometer. Like a magic wand, it lets you zoom in and out when using the camera or adjust the music volume with a twirl of your finger. It was slightly laggy when we tested it out, but Samsung has mentioned that it will release an SDK so more apps can use the feature. 

DeX gets a major upgrade
For the uninitiated, DeX is an Android-based desktop interface driven directly by a Samsung phone when you plug in with a monitor. But now, the app can be used on both Mac and Windows via a USB-C cable without the need of connecting to an external monitor or keyboard. It also runs like a native programme, which means you can access your phone’s files, gallery and apps at ease.

AR Doodle might not be very functional, but fun 
Some has called it an expansion of Live Message on the Note 8. It’s a lot cooler when you actually fiddle with it. AR Doodle lets you take a photo or video, then pin drawings to a person or object in the scene. Not only that, it spatially maps a room and save where you pinned your drawings. Even when your screen deviates, and returns to the room later, your doodles will reappear. 

See Options InstaStory to see how it works.


Samsung and Microsoft forges stronger ties
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (pictured) made a surprise apperance onstage, reaffirming the brand’s commitment towards eliminating the gap between mobile devices and PC. Samsung is bundling Microsoft’s Your Phone app on its Galaxy Note 10, which mirrors Android text messages, notifications, and even your entire screen to a Windows 10 PC. The partnership allows Galaxy Note users to do things like read and write phone text messages on their PC, access pictures taken on the phone on their PC, and perhaps make and receive calls on their PC very soon. 


Video and photo editing made easier with pro-grade camera
The Note10 enables users to capture pro-grade video without having to carry around any extra gear. “Live Focus Video” adds depth-of-field adjustments so you can blur the background to focus on your subject. “Zoom-In Mic” amplifies the audio in frame and pushes background noise aside to help focus on the sounds that you want.


These are the prices:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB – RM3,699
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB – RM4,199
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 512GB – RM4,799

The Note10 comes in three colour options – Aura Pink, Aura Black, Aura Glow, while the Note 10+ is available in Aura Black, Aura White and Aura Glow. Pre-order starts today, 8th August 2019 at 5pm until 18th August 2019. The devices will be available on 23rd August 2019.


A more detailed report on the devices will be published soon in Options, The Edge. Stay tuned. 

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