Ferrari revs up its game with the new 296 GTB

It's the latest evolution of Maranello’s two-seater with a mid-rear engine.

The 296 GTB, an evolution of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engined two-seater sports berlinetta concept (All photos: Ferrari)

Ferrari revs up its game with a new berlinetta coupe that speeds to the finish line in the race for a fun yet usable sportster. The 296 GTB is the latest evolution of Maranello’s two-seater with a mid-rear engine, redefining pleasure behind the wheel with a purely emotional driving experience courtesy of its sinuous design, dynamic control systems and astonishing agility and responsiveness.

An authentic evolution for the marque, the 296 GTB introduces a spanking new V6 twin-turbo engine coupled with an electric motor, marking the first six-cylinder engine to be installed in a Ferrari road car.


Luxurious touches throughout the interior

It unleashes 820 cv, with the car model’s name reflecting a combination of its total displacement (2992 cc) and number of cylinders while the GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) acronym testifies to the legacy of the Prancing Horse badge.

Its extreme power and high performance go without saying, but the 296 GTB is a friendly, driveable car with its plug-in hybrid system, 25km range in the all-electric eDrive mode and sharply reduced pedal response time.

Effortless handling and luxurious touches throughout the interior put the fun in functionality, ensuring this sleek ride gets to put in plenty of road time.



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This article first appeared on Jul 5, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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