Porsche ushers in a new era for a sustainable and active lifestyle with the Taycan Cross Turismo

Redefining the sports car experience with perfect blend of performance and state-of-the-art technology.
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The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models offer a perfect blend of performance, state-of-the-art technology and everyday usability.

It is safe to say that every one of us at some point in our lives have been drawn to a Porsche. Whether it was the sporty styling of the 911, the bold design of the 930 Turbo or the perennial appeal of the 356, cars bearing the Porsche marque have always held a special place in our hearts.

Despite the vast number of models produced by the German sports car maker over the course of its history, every model has had a shared synergy. Porsche cars, by and large, embody freedom and fun, and have always been built on pillars of performance, stylish design and sheer driving enjoyment.

Very few car makers in history have such an exemplary track record of producing such iconic and emotionally charged machines, yet Porsche has managed to go one up against the competition by successfully blazing its own trail within the industry. A leader by example, it has constantly spearheaded innovation, effectively making it an automotive game changer.


The Taycan Cross Turismo is equipped with a WLTP range of up to 484km

With the world now experiencing a shift towards sustainable mobility, Porsche has once more set the standard in shaping the high-performance electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. Porsche Malaysia, represented by Sime Darby Auto Performance, pioneered the high-performance charging network by offering the first 175kW high-performance chargers across all Porsche Centres nationwide.

This progression towards electric mobility is further evidenced by the collaboration with Shell to offer the first cross-border high-performance charging network with 180kW high-performance chargers, the first of which is located in Tangkak, Johor.

Another key factor for Porsche in its systematic pursuit of electric mobility is its all-EV range — the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models redefine the sports car experience for the drivers of today with their perfect blend of performance and state-of-the-art technology with everyday usability.

Merging practicality with style

The Taycan Cross Turismo is a more rugged version of the Taycan, and offers increased practicality especially suited for outgoing and adventurous lifestyles. Offering a wagon body style with increased ground clearance of 20mm over its sedan counterpart, the Taycan Cross Turismo is designed to effortlessly go from tarmac to gravel with very little compromise on performance and comfort. An optional offroad design package increases the clearance of 10mm with integrated offroad design flaps, side skirts and rear diffuser, further enhancing its capability off the beaten track.


The interior of the Taycan Cross Turismo is assuredly driver-focused and laden with tech

But the appeal of the Taycan Cross Turismo does not rest solely on the shoulders of its rugged philosophy. Like all Porsche cars, it is sleek, sporty and luxurious with striking proportions and an instantly recognisable design. It embraces the German marque’s true expression of an electric sports car. With an enlarged rear luggage compartment and a more spacious interior, it also affords comfort for the occupants and space to fit their needs.

An e-mobility trailblazer

Boasting a dual-motor, all-wheel drive electric powertrain and Performance Battery Plus as standard, the Taycan Cross Turismo offers a WLTP range of up to 484km. Accompanied by a 800-volt electrical architecture that has a charge capacity of up to 270kW, allowing the vehicle to be charged for an additional 100km in around six minutes, long-distance commutes with EVs, which were previously unthinkable, can now become a reality.

This impressive range not only makes fun family getaways to Legoland or a stop by the beach in Port Dickson a breeze, it also makes interstate and even cross-border journeys a worry-free experience, especially with the high-performance EV charging landscape pioneered by Porsche Malaysia.

In addition to its impressive range, improved suitability for poor roads and a unique versatility within its segment, the Taycan Cross Turismo delivers sports car performance and handling that is synonymous with Porsche.

There is zero compromise in the performance department. Armed with up to 350kW (476 PS) and 500Nm of torque with overboost power, the Taycan Cross Turismo accomplishes a 0-100 kph sprint in 5.1 seconds, with a top end speed of 220 kph.

In search of more performance? The Taycan 4S Cross Turismo has that covered with 420kW (571 PS) and 650Nm of overboost power, achieving 0-100 kph in 4.1 seconds. The Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo offers a maximum 500kW (680 PS) and 850Nm of torque in overboost with a 0-100 kph time clocked at just 3.3 seconds.


Adaptive air suspension and the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) work cohesively together to deliver enhanced comfort and handling

With adaptive air suspension and the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) working cohesively together to provide enhanced comfort and handling, the Taycan Cross Turismo confidently reassures you while you are behind the wheel. Both work hand-in-hand to ensure that optimal driving stability and the signature Porsche dynamic handling are fully realised and retained. Six selectable drive modes, including the Gravel Mode exclusive to the Taycan Cross Turismo model range, guarantee this all-electric CUV adapts to any road it is driven on.


Sporty, modern and exclusive, the interior of the Taycan Cross Turismo puts all occupants at ease, affording comfortable travel for both the driver and passengers. The cockpit is assuredly driver-focused and laden with tech, with ample headroom and space designed for the comfort of passengers. Functional yet futuristic, the interior of the vehicle is clean, tidy and neat, further accentuating its space.


The Taycan Cross Turismo model is both perfectly at home on city streets and country roads

Serving as the command centre, vehicle function buttons are within reach of the driver via Direct Touch Control. The user-friendly interface provides a direct connection between driver and vehicle, allowing easy and seamless access to essential car functions. A pure driver-focused system, it can also be configured for additional convenience, giving the driver full command of the drive ahead.

With the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche has once again demonstrated its credentials in advancing its e-mobility game plan. A model that is both perfectly at home for city commutes and country roads, it truly exemplifies what an electrified vehicle can offer to modern drivers, serving as a decisive step forward for EVs of the future.

In essence, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo does not just embrace your lifestyle but dares you to be more adventurous in a sleek, sexy and sustainable way.

Pricing for the Taycan Cross Turismo starts from RM 555,000. For more information on the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo, check out Porsche Malaysia’s page.


Sleek, sporty and luxurious, the Taycan Cross Turismo exemplifies the signature Porsche design


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