Banyan Tree reimagines a better future with new storytelling platform Compass

Its Possibility Podcast covers topics on sustainability, meaning and intentional travel with changemakers and culture creators.

Sustainability Journalist and former editor-at-large of Vogue India Bandana Tewari, environmental activist Melati Wijsen, author and storyteller Jessica Nabongo and founder of Local Futures Helena Norberg-Hodge (All photos: Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts)

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts has launched Compass, a storytelling platform aimed at helping build a better future. Covering topics ranging from sustainability to international travel, the platform hopes to engage audiences through podcasts, panels and interviews.

The first release from Compass is The Possibility Podcast, which taps into the knowledge and ideas of culture creators and frontier disruptors, who share their personal journeys and visions for the future.

“The world is at a crossroads, with people seeking to re-define perspectives and create positive change. We are dedicating Compass, our first-ever storytelling platform, to the change-maker inside every person. If one person, one traveller, can create lasting positive change in the destinations he visits, what more a hundred, or a thousand?

“Through life-affirming stories with our award-winning host and speakers, our first content series The Possibility Podcast poses the question: ‘What future are you building towards, 100 years from now?’” says Ho Ren Yung, senior vice-president, brand HQ, of Banyan Tree Group.


TEDx speaker and The Possibility Podcast host Mukul Bhatia

The Possibility Podcast is set to be launched this month, with award-winning storyteller, TEDx speaker and sustainability advocate Mukul Bhatia as host.

“We are in a historic period of transition, leading us on a quest to go inward and re-inspect purpose and pace. This led us to develop Compass, an intentional medium of slow storytelling, after months of planning with sustainability mavericks at Banyan Tree HQ,” Bhatia says. “As the host and creative producer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to hold space for diverse voices from various industries and geographies, all with the shared vision of a better planet.”

Each episode of The Possibility Podcast (there are eight in total) will focus on a change-maker. The first four comprise Indonesian environmental activist and founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Melati Wijsen; author and storyteller Jessica Nabongo, the first documented black woman to visit all 195 UN member states; former editor-at-large and fashion features director of Vogue India, sustainability journalist and speaker, Bandana Tewari; and linguist, author, filmmaker, founder of Local Futures Movement and winner of the Goi Peace award, Helena Norberg-Hodge.


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This article first appeared on June 13, 2022 in The Edge Malaysia.


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