The ExChange: Series 2 (Datuk Ar Hajeedar Abdul Majid & Gavin Liew)

Change the way you lead. Lead the way you change.
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BMW celebrates the launch of its new 5 Series Sedan with ‘The ExChange’, an exciting five-parter on leaders and leadership lessons. Each will feature two leading figures from the same industry as they come together for a healthy exchange on how they approach the business and drive change. Just as the Bavarian marque prides itself on being at the forefront of change, discover how the performance-driven BMW 530i M Sport and the electrifying BMW 530e M Sport take automotive advancements to the next level. In a world that is in a constant state of flux, you would want to stay in the driver’s seat.


Architecture and the design of space — for work and play — has always played a key role in society. Everything about space, from design to finishing, impacts the lives of its individual occupants. Never has this truth been more apparent in a pandemic-battered era when staying in means staying safe. Follow the full exchange between two dynamic industry figures as they discuss how the creation and formation of living spaces underscores the very essence of daily life.



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