The Delvaux L’Airess elevates the practical tote to architectural heights

The bag’s collapsible wings not only enable it to expand to accommodate bigger items, but also give it two separate shapes.

L’Airess spreads its gorgeous ‘wings’ to showcase two unique shapes (All photos: Delvaux)

It was not too long ago that social media’s fascination with big bags that hold anything and everything began. On platforms like TikTok, the phrase “ludicrously capacious” was used to describe these fashionable and useful pieces, while international runways saw a boom in slouchy, roomy silhouettes.

As the popularity of tiny purses dwindles and the spacious bag movement grows, reiterations of the humble tote continue to permeate society. Delvaux, the world’s oldest leather goods house, is not to be excluded.

Named L’Airess, the house’s first-ever tote is the perfect midpoint between timeless craftsmanship and contemporary design, mirroring the brand’s own adventurous spirit. The grain tourillon leather receptacle comes in two ample sizes — large and larger — and can be fitted with a longer shoulder strap. The boxy, architectural body gives it a solid frame that promises durability and function — quite the opposite of the flimsy, unstructured forms of its canvas counterparts. There are rows of humorous circular perforations across the surface, adding a touch of whimsy.


The L'Airess is made of taurillon leather and available in two sizes – large and larger!

The bag’s most practical feature has to be the collapsible wings on the sides that not only enable it to expand to accommodate blogger items, but also give it two separate shapes. Use it either as your go-to for the office or an everyday errand bag that never leaves your side — L’Airess has the ability to shift and mould itself according to various occasions and a wearer’s evolving needs.

Despite its severe hue and anatomy, this bag’s meticulously punctured look gives it an airiness that honours the tote’s carefree nature. Inspired by Delvaux’s 1946 Avia Airess suitcases that had a removable alloy frame and the same geometric circular details, L’Airess demonstrates the maison’s belief that luxury can transcend any and all boundaries — perfect for following the wearer wherever, whenever.


This article first appeared on June 17, 2024 in The Edge Malaysia.

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