5 luxury game sets to liven up your Christmas gatherings

Round up your family and friends for a stylish game of chess or mahjong.

Show off your strategies with Hermès' Horsecut Chess Game (Photo: Hermès)

For most, the festive season has always been associated with family gatherings, holiday trips and time off to rest and recuperate. But with the pandemic still prevalent in the community, Christmas celebrations may not be as lively and extravagant as before. On the bright side, you'll get to spend some intimate moments with your loved ones. If your company is in need of a little help warming up, set up a space for them to enjoy these classic games. Besides, a little friendly competition won't hurt.


Chinese Chess Set
Royal Selangor
A popular strategy board game, Chinese chess is played by millions around the world. What makes Royal Selangor’s set unique is its weightier chess pieces. The black and red bases are made of porcelain and the calligraphy, pewter, giving you more impact (and satisfaction) for when you take down your opponent’s "general". Carved from walnut wood, the smooth playing surface is divided by the Chu River, which is intricately sculpted with pewter. Come dinnertime, lift the chessboard lid and stow the pieces inside.

Purchase Royal Selangor’s Chinese Chess Set for RM2,950 here.


Monogram Jenga Tower
Louis Vuitton
Well loved by both adults and children, Jenga will always be a fail-proof party game, and nothing beats the thrill of watching your opponent topple the tower over. Give yourself (or your family) an upgrade with this colourful set from Louis Vuitton with plexiglass playing pieces, each embellished with the brand’s iconic motifs. The plexiglass is durable, shatter-proof and will stand the test of time so the game can be played over and over again. The Monogram Tower also comes with a portable plexiglass box with a smooth leather handle so it can be taken along to all future dinner parties.

Purchase Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Jena Tower for RM13,500 here


Horsecut Chess Game
Did The Queen’s Gambit spark your interest to play chess? Well, now is the time to show off the strategies you’ve learnt. A game for thinkers, this chess set from Hermès will certainly make the challenge more electrifying. The French fashion house has created the Horsecut Chess Game from solid natural and ebonised mahogany, boasting the minimalistic and modest element of traditional chess games. The board is accompanied with saddle-stitched handles so you can easily move it around the table to make space for Christmas treats. 

Purchase Hermès’ Horsecut Chess Game for RM35,400 here.


Playing cards
Tiffany & Co
When the night is starting to feel long, pull out some playing cards to pass the time. This luxe set from Tiffany & Co features two decks with silver-foiled edges. The conventional red suits are revamped with the brand’s signature hue, so the hearts and diamonds are in Tiffany’s classic robin blue. The back of the cards are stamped with a travel logo inspired by a vintage Tiffany & Co design first used on silverware in 1893. Nice features aside, the playing cards come encased in a blue box, which slips easily into your pocket or handbag. Put a bow on it and it’ll make a thoughtful stocking stuffer as well.

Purchase Tiffany & Co’s Playing Cards for RM385 here.


Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game
The amalgamation of fashion and tradition is apparent in Prada’s over-the-top take on the centuries-old Chinese Mahjong game. Each of the playing pieces are rendered in acrylic resin and wrapped in Saffiano leather — a material invented by Mario Prada himself. The game is stored inside a case made with the same leather material and finished with the Italian brand’s logo in metal lettering. The arresting black and scarlet red colour will only draw more eyes to your game, which makes it opportune to showcase your sharp wit.  

Purchase Prada’s Saffiano Leather Mahjong Game for RM15,000 here.


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