Feng shui master Sifu Leongsir shares 2024 predictions for each zodiac sign

Plus pro tips to improve one’s luck in the upcoming Wood Dragon year.

Sifu Leongsir feels duty-bound to promote these ancient and correct feng shui practices worldwide (Photo: Patrick Goh/ The Edge Malaysia)

Feng shui, derived from the Chinese words ‘feng’ meaning wind and ‘shui’ for water, is an ancient art aimed at fostering balance and harmony in life. It is not a religion or superstition but focuses entirely on energy,” introduces Sifu Leongsir when met at Heritouch Gallery, One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya.

As a feng shui master and the founder and president of the International Fengshui Masters Association, Sifu Leongsir feels duty-bound to promote these ancient and correct feng shui practices worldwide.

“My main focus is always on inner energy, which, to me, is the formula for a long life. I always encourage my students to spend time alone. This practice brings about self-awareness, relaxation and recharge, contributing to overall mental health,” shares the feng shui practitioner, who has mastered the art under the guidance of the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai since 2000.

Known for his generous spirit and willingness to share his wealth of knowledge, he obliged our questions with an open heart. “Our date of birth determines our destiny code. We can even identify potential health issues based on our birthdate. Feng shui serves as the remedy for our destiny code, allowing us to enhance our lives and well-being, and maintain equilibrium with the outside world,” he says.

This year, Sifu Leongsir will continue his charity work, particularly focusing on repairing orphanages and nursing homes as well as providing medical check-ups for those in need. He will also embark on a spiritual journey to Kathmandu, Nepal, for meditation and charitable activities.

“Always remember, the road to success has no shortcuts. To achieve our dreams, we must work hard and smart. If your current business isn’t profitable, be brave enough to sell it or close it down to avoid further losses. Save your capital for future investments; cash is still king. Avoid rushing into investments or property purchases before August 2024, as there will be ample opportunities thereafter.”

All said and done, Sifu Leongsir says there must be work-life balance. “Stop feeling inadequate despite being abundantly blessed. You don’t need a lot of cash to enjoy life; you just need a grateful heart. Stop complaining and comparing yourself with others; take the time to be thankful and enjoy Mother Nature. Nothing heals more than this.”

Here, Sifu Leongsir gives an overview of what each zodiac sign holds as well as pro tips to improve one’s luck in the upcoming Wood Dragon year, which begins on Sunday, Feb 4, at 4.26pm.


Dragons could encounter a challenging year, with hidden obstacles and difficult situations likely to arise, demanding strong wisdom for resolution. It is essential for Dragons to maintain self-awareness and control over their speech and emotions to avoid potential trouble. Initiating new business ventures or investments is not advisable during this period. Those born in 2000, 1976 and 1940 should avoid attending funeral ceremonies in 2024.

Pro tip: Engaging in charitable activities will enhance your merits and luck. Dragons are advised to view 2024 as a retreat year. Take the opportunity to travel and enjoy life in preparation for a more auspicious year in 2025.



Snakes can anticipate favourable relationship luck in 2024, contributing to a smooth journey in career and business. It is advisable for them to maintain humility and friendliness. Collaborating closely with male superiors or clients is recommended, as these partnerships are likely to yield better results. However, there is a possibility of old illnesses resurfacing this year, so it’s crucial to prioritise health care.

Pro tip: Engage in charitable activities. It is not advisable to lend money or act as a guarantor, as these actions may lead to potential trouble.



Horses are advised to exercise patience as their good luck is on the horizon. It is important to drive carefully and adhere to the law to avoid any mishaps. Caution is recommended during physical activities, as there is a risk of injury. Water sports or activities should be avoided. Taking proper care of oneself is crucial in preparation for forthcoming opportunities. Mind your own business, or else you may be dragged into lawsuits. Practise wisdom at all times.

Pro tip: Consider doing more good deeds like donating blood and focusing on prayer and spirituality for added wellbeing.


Sheep are poised to experience positive relationship luck in 2024, paving the way for a smoother career and business journey. It is advisable to focus on personal matters and refrain from meddling in the affairs of others. Collaborating closely with female superiors or clients is recommended, as such partnerships are likely to bring favourable outcomes. Short-term investments may also be beneficial. Maintaining good health, particularly in terms of the digestive system, is essential. Individuals born in 1991 are cautioned against attending funeral ceremonies in 2024.

Pro tip: Prioritise regular medical check-ups and incorporate exercise into your routine.



Monkeys are set to experience smooth fortune with significant improvements in their careers and businesses. It is advisable to work intelligently and diligently, seeking ways to enhance relationships with superiors and expand one’s professional network. Maintaining humility and showing respect to others are important. Steering clear of gossip and refraining from interfering in others’ affairs are crucial to avoiding potential legal entanglements.

Pro tip: Steer clear of night-time entertainment outlets and limit alcohol consumption. Lighting oil lamps at temples and embarking on a pilgrimage or spiritual journey are strongly recommended.



In 2024, Roosters can anticipate the gradual improvement and progression of their luck. It is important to distance oneself from gossip and focus on personal matters. Roosters should prioritise self-awareness and maintain control over their speech and emotions to avoid potential troubles. Initiating new business ventures or investments is not recommended. There is a possibility of old illnesses resurfacing this year, underscoring the importance of taking good care of one’s health and getting adequate sleep and rest.

Pro tip: Regular medical check-ups are advised and spending time close to nature is recommended.  It’s not advisable to stay too long in the city at any one time.


Dogs may encounter numerous life changes this year and while these may not necessarily be negative, they could entail the necessity of adapting to new environments. Caution is advised when managing family affairs, as conflicts may arise from self-pride or egotistical tendencies. Starting new businesses or investments is not recommended. Individuals born in 2018, 1982 and 1946 are advised to refrain from attending funeral ceremonies in 2024.

Pro tip: Exercise caution to avoid falling victim to scams. Prioritise regular medical check-ups and engage in charitable activities to enhance self-luck.



Pigs are poised to experience a successful year in their careers and businesses, with good relationship luck supporting the achievement of their dreams and goals. It is crucial for Pigs to avoid excessive egotism and instead listen to the perspectives and advice of others. Guarding against greed is essential to avoid potential trouble, especially when travelling; being cautious with belongings is advisable. Married Pigs should be wary of third parties and approach relationship matters with humility and respect.

Pro tip: Enhance networking efforts, as it will prove highly beneficial. Consider travelling more this coming year.



In 2024, Rats should enhance their relationships and cultivate stronger networks with superiors and partners. Work intelligently and avoid engaging in gossip. It is crucial to be a good listener and heed advice. Consider engaging in short-term investments, but exercise caution against greed. Now is an opportune time to prioritise efforts to improve your health.

Pro tip: Enrol in short courses to build knowledge. Expand your social circle to get to know more people while enhancing existing relationships.


In 2024, Oxen may face challenges and it is advisable to exercise caution when signing important contracts or documents. Starting new businesses or investments is not recommended. Vigilance in handling relationship matters, particularly avoiding involvement in third-party affairs, is crucial to preventing potential disasters for your family. Refrain from lending money or acting as a guarantor for others. Individuals born in 2009, 1973 and 1949 are advised to steer clear of attending funeral ceremonies in 2024.

Pro tip: Engaging in charitable activities, prioritising regular medical check-ups and heeding advice can prove beneficial. Above all, maintain a positive outlook.



Tigers are set to experience a period of smooth luck in their careers and businesses. It is recommended for them to enhance relationships and cultivate stronger networks with their superiors and partners, as this will lead to favourable opportunities and improved luck.

Pro tip: This is an auspicious year for travel and enjoying life. Engaging in charitable activities can enhance merit and luck. It is advised not to lend money or act as a guarantor for others, as this may lead to additional trouble.



In 2024, Rabbit luck may be adversely affected and may potentially lead to accidents, injuries and lawsuits. It is advisable to proactively settle debts, taxes or fines before these issues escalate into trouble. Invest more effort in enhancing relationships and being receptive to sound advice. Individuals born in 1975 and 1963 are cautioned against attending funeral ceremonies in 2024.

Pro tip: Patience is key. Engaging in travel and charitable activities can assist Rabbits in overcoming obstacles and attracting good luck.


This article first appeared on Jan 29, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.

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