Hennessy x Enfin by James Won and Tapestry Malaysia

A gastronomic journey for your senses.
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The immersive dining experience changes through each scene (Photo: Hennessy)

The famed cognac house has a rich history that began with Richard Hennessy, the Irish officer who founded the distillery in Cognac, France, 250 years ago. Hennessy flourished and by the 18th century, it was sold in the US, and had its sights trained on the rest of the world. Now available across five continents, the brand settles for nothing less than perfection, innovating and using only the finest eaux-de-vie, or water of life. Hennessy’s heritage, quest for innovation and dedication to upholding its ideals — creation, excellence, legacy and sustainable development — have made it one of the top French wine and spirits brands.

Aiming to captivate all your senses, Hennessy, in collaboration with Tapestry Malaysia and Enfin by James Won, presents a luxury dining experience that is immersive and interactive. For the first time in Malaysia, Tapestry Malaysia has put together a 360° motion-sensitive technology that transports guests into various settings. This multisensory experience is complemented with a five-course Malaysian-inspired menu that is paired with a selection of Moët Hennessy’s champagnes, wines and cognacs.

Chef James Won designed the elaborate menu (Photo: Hennessy)

Guests are led into a private room, right into a scene of white with their names projected onto the dining table that seats 16 people. The meal and the projected settings are coordinated to take guests through an adventure of sights, sounds and tastes. The first course is a true dedication to Mother Nature: diners are surrounded by lush greenery and are served a complex and beautiful dish of mushroom tartare, truffle egg yolk and roasted quinoa with foie gras mushroom, chicken skin and flowers. Paired with Krug champagne, the first scene also has a few interactive surprises for diners to enjoy. A little hint: flowers have never bloomed so quickly.

Lobster, caviar, ice plant, vegetable roulade, lobster bisque, burnt cauliflower, fennel frond and fennel gelée (Photo: Hennessy)

Through the evening, you are taken from a dazzling palace to an underwater lagoon, all the time captivated by the interactive features and satiated by the sumptuous menu. Fresh ingredients and Malaysian flavours are prominent on Chef Won’s menu, from sambal olek à la Enfin in scene one to durian parfait glacé for dessert.

“The secret to making this dining experience truly immersive is how we use technology as a way to tell a new story. It’s a theatrical production but on an entirely different platform, where food plays a leading role in this new form of artistic expression,” says Chef Won, encapsulating the gastronomic adventure.

Wagyu beef, Sarawak peppercorn veils, Pomme de Terre à la Chinoise (potato), charred broccoli, capeberry mustard and wild fermented chilli olek (Photo: Hennessy)  


This dining experience is available for lunch every Saturday and Sunday, and for dinner from Tuesday to Sunday until Nov 9 at Enfin by James Won. For reservations, click here. RM999+ (with alcohol pairing) and RM790+ (without alcohol pairing) per person.



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