Malaysia’s first Apple store finally opens at The Exchange TRX

This superstore that spans three sprawling floors offers the brand’s full lineup of products and services.

Like all Apple facilities, this The Exchange TRX outpost runs on 100 percent renewable energy and is carbon neutral (All photos: Apple)

After what feels like forever, The Exchange TRX has finally welcomed Malaysia’s first Apple retail outlet into its illustrious fold of deluxe shops. The long-awaited store officially opened its doors to the public on June 22, drawing crowds of tech heads from all over Kuala Lumpur and the rest of the country. Before this, the nearest boutique was across the Causeway in Singapore.

In this superstore that spans three sprawling floors, customers may browse and purchase the brand’s full lineup of products and services, including the complete iPhone 15 collection and the latest iPad models (yes, even the ultra- thin iPad Pro that recently took the internet by storm).


The store spans three floors

Have queries about what gadget is right for you or how to optimise usage of your current appliances? Not to worry — the 160-member on-site team is ready to help. Like several Apple stores around the world, this one boasts an immaculate design that transports visitors into a futuristic haven.

The most stunning feature has to be the three-dimensional layered roof crafted from horizontal glass panels and shading blades. It filters light into the store during the day and casts a warm luminescence at night. Inside, a glass-and-quartz staircase connects the retail level, the middle floating deck, which houses The Forum, and the upper floor, which has access to a vibrant rooftop park. As with all the brand’s other facilities, this outlet runs fully on renewable energy and is proudly carbon neutral.


The rooftop park that wraps around the store’s upper level

To celebrate the momentous launch, a special Today at Apple series named “Jom Discover” will run in-store until July 6. The event will invite several renowned local creators to lead interactive educational sessions. These performances, workshops and presentations will showcase the best of Apple’s product range and services, opening eyes to endless possibilities.

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