Contemporary artist Daniel Arsham transforms Tiffany & Co’s famed blue box into limited series of sculptures

Arsham renders the familiar into something altogether new that juxtaposes rough with refined and timeless with modern.

Tiffany and Arsham created an exclusive series of 49 eroded bronze sculptures that reimagine the Blue Box in Arsham’s distinct aesthetic (All photos: Tiffany & Co)

If one were to rethink the iconic colour of Tiffany & Co, what would come to mind? “Green,” said a cheeky Daniel Arsham. The New York-based contemporary artist was enlisted by the jewellery stalwart to reimagine the Blue Box, which now sports a shade that edges closer to Arsham Studio’s signature green. A hand-finished patina shrouding the box gives the look of wear and tear, as if it has been excavated and preserved as an artefact of the past.

Named the Bronze Eroded Tiffany Blue Box, this manifestation of a paradox that combines the rough and the refined is the latest expression of Arsham’s Future Archeological series of artworks, in which the artist re-contextualises contemporary objects by bridging the past, present and future.


Tiffany x Arsham Studio Knot bracelet

“I always gravitate towards items that are immediately culturally recognisable. The Tiffany Blue Box has that power,” said Arsham.

“I wanted to address it in a way different than how it was originally intended by giving it a distressed, aged quality which represents it’s history, how much of a fixture it is in our world today, and how it will continue to be relevant decades, even centuries from now.”

Contrasting the rugged forms of the box, a limited-edition Tiffany x Arsham Studio Knot bracelet in 18-carat white gold with diamonds and tsavorites — a legacy gemstone that the House introduced to the world in 1974 — is encased within. In a fitting tribute to the energy and character of the city that never sleeps, this chain link-inspired Tiffany Knot collection is subversive, individualistic and undoubtedly elegant.



The bracelet is a preview of the House’s new Tiffany Knot collection, which will be available in Malaysia starting January 2022.


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