Watchmaker Hublot partners Nespresso to create watch made from recycled coffee pods

The Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin is the first timepiece to be made using recycled Nespresso aluminum capsules and coffee grounds.

The watch comes in a Green Box, an eco-friendly case made from traceable oak wood and recycled components (Photo: Hublot)

Swiss watchmaker Hublot has partnered Nespresso to reuse leftover coffee grounds from capsules and fashion them into watch straps. The brand has fabricated the case, bezel, crown and pusher from recycled aluminium that is fused with the capsules. These parts may be found in the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin, a departure from convention.

“This is a watch that delivers three world firsts: a symbol of the infinite possibilities for upcycling — a Big Bang made from the recycled aluminium of Nespresso coffee capsules; the first watch with a rubber strap containing 4.1% recycled coffee grounds from Nespresso capsules and 8.2% recycled rubber; and, the first watch with a Velcro strap made with SCafé, a fabric containing 5% recycled coffee grounds and 95% recycled polyester,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot.



It took the R&D teams a whole year to achieve the uniformity of colour of the watch’s seven different materials, find the right balance of ingredients and perform quality and durability testing on all the product components. The watch comes in a Green Box, an eco-friendly case made from traceable oak wood and recycled components that will be used for all its collections in the future.

Both brands are no strangers to innovation, excellence and sustainability. Nespresso has joined forces with prestigious Swiss brands to create new products from used aluminium capsules as part of its Second Life initiatives in the last seven years.

Hublot is celebrated for its Art of Fusion, a concept that drives innovation by developing new alloys, materials and composites, pushing the boundaries of different materials and placing rubber at the heart of the watchmaking industry by using it for its straps.

This first appeared on May 22, 2023 in The Edge Malaysia.


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