Carlsberg foundations donate RM60 mil to advance efforts against Covid-19

The funds will be used to support Danish researchers, art museums and the civil society.

The sum is split between various projects and organisations in Denmark (All photos: Carlsberg) 

Three Carlsberg foundations —the Carlsberg Foundation, New Carlsberg Foundation and Tuborg Foundation — donated a total of DDK95 mil (RM60 mil) to support researchers, art museums and civil societies in Denmark to mitigate challenges associated with the global pandemic.

The Carlsberg Foundation — one of the oldest industrial foundations in the world — have supported visionary and innovative scientific research since its establishment in 1876. To accelerate the work of researchers, a total of DDK60 mil (RM38 mil) has been granted to three on-going scientific projects that analyse behavioural patterns, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for Covid-19 and future epidemics.

These three projects are made up of groups of specialised scientific researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Serum Institute, Technical University and Roskilde University.


The Carlsberg Foundation chairman Professor Flemming Besenbacher

“Covid-19 is developing exponentially right now,” said Carlsberg Foundation’s chairman, Professor Flemming Besenbacher, in a press release.

“We are pleased that we have in a short time been able to mobilise a collaboration between a number of the world’s leading researchers to contribute to solving the enormous challenges we face.”

Many art museums around the world are forced to close due to the crisis and Denmark is no exception. New Carlsberg Foundation chairman Christine Buhl Andersen emphasised that museums form an important part of cultural and business life and so, the foundation is donating DDK30 mil (RM19 mil) to help affected Danish art museums fund programs and activities to draw guests back again when they reopen. 

“We would like to support their efforts so the art museums can reopen and hopefully resume their essential role in society,” she added.


The Tuborg Foundation supports voluntary associations and projects that cultivate the community

For the Tuborg Foundation, supporting civil voluntary communities, especially those led by young people, has always been its primal focus. In light of the pandemic, the foundation has donated DDK5 mil (RM3 mil) to an emergency pool of civil society youth organisations to launch activities that assist people affected by the coronavirus.

“We want to give young people the opportunity to make a difference for the vulnerable people who are currently particularly affected by the epidemic,” said Anne Marie Skov, chairman of the Tuborg Foundation.

“We have a special civil society in Denmark, and from the Tuborg Foundation we want to give young volunteers the means to lift the specific tasks that many people can benefit from in this urgent situation.”

The foundation will also monitor the need for assistance in the business sector, especially for partners where it has a tradition of supporting. 

At the time of writing, Denmark has 1,460 confirmed coronavirus cases and 24 deaths.


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