'Girls, The Mic is Ours!': Virtual exhibition at G13 Gallery explores femininity and womanhood

A total of 27 artworks by 14 local and international artists will be displayed until June 5.

The Essence of Time (2021) by Yuki Tham (All photos: G13 Gallery)

A global pandemic and various lockdowns have robbed us of many soothing rituals, among them gallery visits. Once a spontaneous weekend activity, the act of wandering through quiet corridors adorned with artworks that open the mind and stir the soul has now become a luxury.

G13 Gallery in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, is just as eager to reconnect with art lovers and is doing so with a lockdown-compliant show. Girls, The Mic is Ours! is an all-female artists’ exhibition that will be held entirely online.

A total of 27 artworks by 14 local and international artists will be displayed on the G13 Gallery website for the public’s enjoyment. The works not only share the artists' perspectives of being a woman, but also examine the various junctures of their lives as individuals with different expressions, styles and mediums.

The narratives covered are broad, exploring the physical, artistic and intellectual environments around the world in which femininity has been questioned and redefined over generations.

Fans might recognise some of the names on the list of exhibiting artists — Agnes Lau, Amy Nazira, Cinta Ayuandrea, Erica Choi, Haz Yusup, Ho Mei Kei, Liu Hsin-Ying, Louise Low, Marisa R Ng, Nor Tijan Firdaus, Ong Cai Bin, Raimi Sani, Trixie Tan and Yuki Tham.

Among the many depictions of personal milieu, portraiture or belongings, or unique experimentations with materials or objects,  there are bound to be pieces that resonate with each member of the audience. After all, as writer Yung Pueblo says, “All human beings are united by birth, life, death, and every emotion in between.”


View 'Girls, The Mic is Ours!' until June 5 here.

This article first appeared on May 31, 2021 in The Edge Malaysia.


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